Any Tunnel In A Port?



The road leading to the Port Tunnel, Dublin this morning.

A protest by truck drivers over a Budget 2015 decision to impose higher road tax for lorries in Ireland compared to the UK.

Fred writes:

“Just moments ago at the port. Hundreds of trucks, no burning tyres! Must be the most polite truckers protest i have ever witnessed! And they even left the right lanes open! Was expecting tea as i was walking by :)”


8.30: All clear.

Thanks Fred

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7 thoughts on “Any Tunnel In A Port?

  1. Max Bialystock

    In fairness, when there’s a discrepancy of €3360 per annum in the cost of road tax between here & Northern Ireland, I think they’ve every right to protest. Fair play etc.

    1. Clo

      Something that surprises me with the current water charge protests is that we in Ireland pay way over the odds for other taxes as well, but nary a comment. Eg E270 tax on a Hyundai i20 per annum – £30 for the same in the UK.

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