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Port Tunnel, Dublin

Hot Press reports:

“Dublin music radio station Radio Nova is preparing to take legal action against Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the operator of the Dublin Port Tunnel. The legal action will challenge TII in relation to the fact Nova’s programmes cannot be heard in the Tunnel. Only seven radio stations are broadcast in the Port Tunnel due to limitations in its current system. Radio Nova is not one of them.”

“Radio Nova claims the restriction is in breach of EU competition regulations and the 2002 Competition Act and that it is “inherently unfair and damaging” to its business.”

“… In what may prove to be a controversial view, Nova is also claiming that the Port Tunnel’s system for communicating with motorists in the event of emergency is “fundamentally flawed” and that it has shown favouritism to Denis O’ Brien’s Communicorp in the broadcasting of his radio stations within the Tunnel.”

“…The Port Tunnel carries RTE Radio 1, Today FM, Newstalk, FM104, 98FM, Spin 1038 and Q102.”

Radio Nova Challenge Port Tunnel Over Alleged Denis O’Brien Bias (Hot Press)

Dublin Rate My Area


The Dublin Port Tunnel

At Dublin City Council this evening, independent Cllr Niall Ring will propose renaming the port tunnel after 1916 hero Tom Clarke.

21st Century Citizen writes:

Persons suffering from 1916 fatigue may wearily note that Dublin port is our major trading link to our nearest neighbor and should be seen as a symbol of cooperation & friendship, rather than division and you-shot-my-grandpaism. Irish visitors rolling off the ferry in Holyhead for their abortions might not feel so welcome joining the Louis Mountbatten orbital ring-road.
It being too late to propose a counter-motion calling for immurement in same (and aptly named Dublin Port Tunnel – a tunnel serving Dublin Port) as penalty for incitement to wave flags in the faces of visitors – Broadsheet readers may wish to drop an email to their local Councillor to express any feelings on the matter. Your local Councillors are here




The road leading to the Port Tunnel, Dublin this morning.

A protest by truck drivers over a Budget 2015 decision to impose higher road tax for lorries in Ireland compared to the UK.

Fred writes:

“Just moments ago at the port. Hundreds of trucks, no burning tyres! Must be the most polite truckers protest i have ever witnessed! And they even left the right lanes open! Was expecting tea as i was walking by :)”


8.30: All clear.

Thanks Fred