8 thoughts on “Anything Good On Gifts.com?

  1. Liam

    its a free market- if you can offer a square yard for the same price, you’ll make a killing. And your customers will have space to sit down if they ever visit their property.

  2. pissedasanewt

    You’d buy your little plot and when you go to visit it, find a big ugly ghost estate there…

  3. Mr. P.

    This is nothing new, you are essentially selling the certificate so your American-Irish fanboy can hang it on their wall beside the Cead Mile Failte sign carved out of genuine Chinese plastic.

    Harmless fun.

  4. Ms Piggy

    this really is nothing new – there were ads in Irish-American newspapers in the 70s for 1sq-ft of Irish soil, and I’m sure they were an equally outrageous price for their day. Also, there really isn’t much to stop you selling the same plot over and over again, is there? :-)

  5. Milk Teeth

    So, if I sell my house sq foot by sq foot but include in the small print that they must still let me live there who pays the rates?

  6. scottser

    slap a dirty big caravan on your 1sq foot and squat the neighbouring land. sure, it worked for pat kenny..

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