baya weaver baya weaver2 caddis fly compass termite red ovenbird sociable weaver swallow waspaustralian weaver antVogelkop bowerbird animal-architecture-nests-4-4 animal-architecture-nests-4-3

Above: the design stylings of the Baya Weaver (1,2); Caddisfly; Compass Termite, Red Ovenbird, Sociable Weaver; swallow; wasp; Australian Weaver ant and the Frank Gehry of ’em all, the Vogelkop Bowerbird (10,11,12).


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4 thoughts on “Nest Is Best

  1. Disasta

    Love those Birds of Paradise (I think that’s the last 3 ones) nests. Bit of Attenborough showed that waa?

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