8 thoughts on “Beach Slap

  1. fluffybiscuits

    I remember my cousin called me an eejit when I was four, I want an apology twenty eight years later…this is not acceptable at all. I had the transformers and he had the barbie….

  2. Cian

    Has Dermot Desmond hired people to go through two decade old newspapers looking for vague references to him? If so, are there any more jobs going?

  3. Zynks

    Threatening to sue is the new competitive game between the mega rich. DD, the slow starter is playing catch up, DOB is far ahead.

  4. rotide

    Are these definitely new apology demands?

    Are they complaints filed 10 years ago that got stuck in litigation or something?

    Are they part of a large group of apology demands that started at x date and range to the present day?

    Awful lot of baseless speculation here.

  5. Mr. T.

    Whether or not a development destroys the character of an area is entirely subjective. If you think it looks crap then it is crap. If another person thinks it’s great, then it is great.

    There is no legal certainty about something like this. There can only be consensus one way or another.

    This sounds like big egos who could do with a dose of humility to remind them they are mere mortals.

  6. Kieran NYC

    Heh. Nicely b1tchy ‘apology’ there. Repeating all the bad bits of the original article, naming DD as the insecure weirdo, pointing out how long ago the original article was, and showing that they were shaken down and forced to pay out over something so ludicrous.

    Well played, Sunday Times.

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