11 thoughts on “Kaiser Sez So

  1. Soundings

    An article written in March 1998? As in, 16.5 years ago?

    Hope the “substantial contribution” to charidee was more than the €50 “substantial contribution” the Twitterer had to pay the poor Clares a couple of years ago for badmouthing Declan Ganley.

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        He didn’t say anything. He just mouthed him very badly.

        Our laws need serious reform.

  2. read twice

    “…tribunal told”

    Was it not an accurate report of what the tribunal was told?

    Our laws seem to be not based on principle, but judicial decisions are based on who’s who.

    1. Mr. T.

      Oh poor Dermot. How childish to pursue something like that. He must have had an overbearing parent for whom nothing was ever good enough and is still clawing for validation in his old age.

  3. Rep

    I think the world needs more moustaches like that. None of this ironic wispy type shmuck worn by young lads, that is a moustache to be proud of.

  4. Willie Banjo

    Was he also the man behind the idea for Ireland’s first Kaiser Wilhelm II Lookalike Society?

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