Private Residence


yuusukekarasawa1 yuusukekarasawa2 yuusukekarasawa3 yuusukekarasawa7 yuusukekarasawa9 yuusukekarasawa10 yuusukekarasawa12
A ‘transparent’ house near Omiya Station in Saitama, Japan created by Tokyo-based practice Yuusuke Karasawa featuring a hexagonally profiled series of alternating  levels, some containing two rooms, some left as open voids, reminiscent of the cellular structure of a bee hive. According to the architect,

Our hope is that this complex, layered network space will become a new architectural form that captures the various activities borne out of today’s informational society, where diversity and order are being demanded at the same time.

All righty then.


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16 thoughts on “Private Residence

    1. scottser

      and nowhere to store your bins, or lock your bike.
      pffff. give me a bedsit on the north circular any day!

  1. Soundings

    No babies or pets, unless they can develop wings, there are some serious unguarded drops there!

  2. NICE Anne

    “captures the various activities borne out of today’s informational society…”
    in Ireland, we just call it gawping at the neighbours

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