17 thoughts on “Boom Goes Foxrock

  1. Tom Stewart

    Broadsheet, some people come here because they’re disillusioned with the rest of the meeja. If you keep this up much longer, these people will stop coming to your website too.

  2. Mr. T.

    No thanks. Places like that give me the creeps. No sense of community, nobody knows their neighbour, paranoid rich living behind security, constantly paranoid that everyone else wants what they have.

    Although I do know one family around those parts who owe a state owned bank (or us) millions and trying every trick in the book to avoid paying their debt. Little more than scum really. Money never buys you class.

    No thanks. It’s the within the canals with the good and bad and the hustle and bustle for me please.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Couldn’t agree more. Twee is over-valued. Give me a nice Victorian or Georgian (with all its interior glory) in TOWN any day.

    2. Wayne Carr

      It’s the within the canals for me me backside! If you could afford to live out here with us, you would. You just look sad coming on here generalising a whole group of people who are better than you.

      Everyone living in the inner city (ie between the canals) is a heroin addicted, STI-riddled knacker. Oh look, I can be an ignoramus too!

      1. scottser

        dude, there’s no way you’re from foxrock. there’s a yang off you that’s definitely from the wrong side of the n11.

  3. Jockey

    Ok so, judging by the new rules, all I need is 430,000 EUR deposit (20%), and to earn 491,500 EUR per year (80% / 3.5)…

    easy. peasy.

  4. Stanley Ipkiss

    Not really much of an issue here really though is there? not like its a house aimed at first time buyers..

    its a massive house on a decent bit of land right in the centre of foxrock village..if someone is willing to pay it, why not sell for that much

    1. GiGi

      There must be some sort of LOVE/HATE money stashed under the floorboards like the story going around about the lady having her new house renovated and when the builders pulled out the bath there was €110,000 in a black bag under the bath. : )

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