11 thoughts on “Saving Private Brine

    1. Soundings

      And Radio stations and Petrol stations and Fuel Distributors and Private Hospitals and Property and is it really 3.5 years since the Moriarty report was published.

  1. ahjayzis

    Well thank god governments present and future have no power to change, amend or otherwise disrupt the sanctity of Legislation. Case closed.

  2. Anne

    Saw that earlier..
    That stupid fupping Ceann Chorely kept interrupting too.

    “Ask your question, ask your question” says he.
    Can they not make commentary, without a question at all?
    Could Mick not say for instance, I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it, and say oops it’s gone, once he’s said what he had to say. He could pull off a blonde bimbo very easily..

    It’s really quite comical to watch. No one could them seriously.

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

      What other work places have a bar onsite?
      What other work places take no action when someone constantly heckles a person speaking in a debate?
      What other work places take no action when someone pulls a member of the opposite sex onto their lap?
      What other work places take no action when someone gives an answer that does not address the question asked?

  3. stoneruile

    This Irish water thing will bring this government down. If it doesn’t I give up. It is the biggest clusterfupp I have ever seen (and that says a lot in a country shaped like Ireland)

  4. Joxer

    i think what he is saying is that IW will not be privatised in the lifetime of this government but after that who knows…. i doubt Kennys guarantee will be worth anything in 5/10 years time.

    Either this guy is a master at masking his true motives or he is just an out and out gobshite who got lucky and ended up as head of the government….. either way, he has got to go.

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