Put Your Savings Under The Mattress



Remember that strangeness on Sandymount Strand in September?

It was the ‘making of’ a promotional video for Z Charge, the fiendish new “bedside solution” that can charge and store up to six electronic devices WHILE you sleep or go about your ‘business’.

It changes charges everything.

Z Charge Product designer Paula O’Connor writes:

“We have just gone live with the Z Charge on Kickstarter.com – which officially launches its Irish site today. We have been chosen for ‘Staff Picks’ on the site so are super excited and we would love it if Broadsheet readers could take a second to have a look and maybe even back us!

The Z-Charge ( Kickstarter)

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13 thoughts on “Put Your Savings Under The Mattress

  1. Starina

    Hmm. Would be more clever if you didn’t have to plug it into the wall — yes, there still is a wrong side of the bed, unless you have a fiddly extension cord.

  2. epson aculaser c100

    I’ll pick one up for nowt once the Asians ignore all copyright & the EuroShop starts floggn them.

  3. AC

    Now they just need to add a bionic arm that will retrieve my phone when I drop it, or when I throw it under the pillow as I nod off…. Until then, it’s just another convenient place (of which there are many) that won’t be used

  4. Vlad

    Looks dangerous. Those things can became quite hot. Put them in enclosed space under your bad at night… no, thanks, nightstand will do.

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