110 thoughts on “The Anti-Dude

    1. Paul

      I’ve done both. Perhaps one cancels the other out?

      I’ve also done most of the other things though, so probably fairly screwed come judgement day. Still, at least we get to meet Arnie.

    2. thefatlad

      Ohhh “Porn Watchers”! And there was me going to throw out my Ron Jeremy Swatch. Grand so.

      (…..You should see what the big hand does)

  1. bisted

    …I’m putting my hand up to atheist…but I may need four other categories taken into consideration.

  2. Eoin

    If you count those times I’ve done slutty drag as being an immodest woman, then I’m 10 for 10.

    Well, I’m boned.

    1. rotide

      Pretty sure the Coexist logo thing keeps changing much in the same way random capital letters keep getting added to and subracted from LGBT

      On the other hand maybe hes just a confirmed firefox user.

  3. frenchie

    They were on Henry St Saturday, accompanied by an American preacher! it was lovely (not)!

    Also 6 out 11 – 8 out 11 if you count one time experiment ;)

    1. The Old Boy

      I think the official line is that it’s only acceptable, and indeed mandatory, on this side of the Atlantic in a specific context, which is a Court judgment. In any other usage, it’s judgement.

      1. rotide

        Just to be clear, I am a proud owner of my very own Pee-Pee.

        I’m not like one of dem feminists-under-the-beds like sidewinder hiding under a androgynous name!

        And yes, I am jealous. Whilst I’m probably never going to tick the homosexual box, I wouldnt mind a stab at immodesty at some point.

        1. Sidewinder

          Can I fupping help you?

          Why you’ve decided to come after me in particular at every available opportunity including threads to which I’ve contributed is beyond me.

          1. rotide

            No offense intended Sidewinder, just having a laugh in this particular instance.

            Your name was just the first that jumped to mind of the many female contributors who post under unisex names. I thought the reds-under-the-beds hysteria comparison would lighten the mood.

        2. Sidewinder

          How is rotide gender specific pray tell?

          And precisely how am I hiding when you already know I’m a woman and have declared it on several occasions?

  4. John Cassidy

    I was never an idolator or an immodest woman. When is this judgement day anyway? Who knows, the judge might find in my favour.

  5. Janet

    I’m agonising over what counts as immodest wemon, maybe thinking you know it all, vanity, he’s coming to hell too !

    1. rotide

      Yeah, it would be ‘class’ to see people physically abused for their beliefs!

      screw it, lets just stone them, thatll teach them!

        1. rotide

          Cool, I look forward to hanging for witches and stoning for bastards

          cos it ‘depends on beliefs’ and all that.

          People round these parts never tire of being hypocrites.

    1. Continuity Jay-Z

      Lash in an ‘n’ between ‘i’ and ‘t’ when you’re reading that post like a good lad.

  6. John

    “Judgement Day” sounds a one great night club

    except, hope the liars and thieves go to the VIP section for Fianna Fail
    John O’Donoghue, Bertie.. there will all be there
    Like the Tent at the Galway races

    1. NiallJames

      Is it three people huddled around a laptop? Back in the recessionary times, when porn had to be communal.

  7. Spud

    This sign has really thought me something.

    I never knew ‘Judgment Day’ had no ‘e’ after the ‘g’.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Usually it’s spelled without an e when it’s a legal judgment.
      There was a guy on the microphone next to that dude wanging on about all this who was American, I think. I had a good ole giggle looking at the billboard. Crackers.

  8. Clampers Outside!

    Someone please go up and quote Mathew 6:5 to him :)

    “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues AND ON THE STREET CORNERS TO BE SEEN BY OTHERS. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

    He’ll be in hell himself before us all !

  9. Clampers Outside!

    Has anyone figured out what…

    “Crescent Moon, CND Symbol, ‘e’, Star of David i s and crucifix” means? Just left of ‘idolators’.

    It looks like ‘Creolist’ from here :)
    Is that like automatic hell for all Caribbeans or wha?

    1. rotide

      As you can imagine, fundamentalists of all flavors are against this type of thinking as it denies the notion of their god being the bestest.

    2. ReproBertie

      Sometimes the E has the male and female symbols attached to represent equality of the sexes. Other times it has a small “=mc2” to indicate science as if somehow science is a belief system.

      The dot over the i is often depicted as the karma wheel to represent buddhism.

  10. Rudy Blobbo

    I’m a gay, lesbian, atheist, pot-smoking, adultering, thieving, lying paedophile murderer but as long as I repent on my deathbed I’ll still get into heaven, if it exists, which I believe it doesn’t.

    1. John Cassidy

      Ah now! Paedophilia is taking it too far. You will never get into hell. You deserve a worse place than heaven.

      1. Rudy Blobbo

        The Church?

        I’ve just realised that leaving out a comma in my first comment, along with some subjective interpretation, allows me to claim that I murder lying paedophiles, which makes me a good egg, and also means that I will be opening legal proceedings against you for defamation.

  11. JunkFace

    Cannibals and rapists are not on his sign! So heaven is full of them! As well as religious t1ts

    “Hell ain’t a bad place to be” – AC/DC

  12. rugbylane

    If this fellow does his research, he may be a little nervous to discover that “Wrath” is one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” that mean automatic damnation.

    “Wrath” – “Uncontrolled feelings of hate and/or anger”

  13. Niallo

    Why is it when i see these lads i have an irresistable urge to administer a huge and swift boot to the bejolies.
    Poxy free speech scamp.

  14. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Ha. I’m going t’ have heaven all to meself by the looks of it

    Nice to see Bilko out and about again

  15. vivisectus

    I feel that gay people have an unfair advantage in this scoring system. I got stuck at 5 but because I am straight I do not get the automatic double whammy of fornicator/homosexual that gay people get. I am now off to write an angry letter to that organisation demanding equal treatment.

  16. 15 cents

    and sure isnt that what gods all about? a good dose of prejudice and hate for all.
    whats he got against ‘fornicators’? without it we’ll cease to exist.

  17. Anonymouse

    Hang on, are those the Christmas lights up already? Jaysus. There’s the sin right there, it’s feckin October!

  18. Ellesar

    I am only a few of those, but now feel the need to get drunk and smoke some weed just to up my sin list.

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