Hard To Swallow



Right so.

Government orders review into Irish Water (BreakingNews.ie)

Previously: John’s Tyranny

Contains Impurities

“I Have Every Confidence In Him”

Incinerating Poolbeg



Grangemore Lawns, Donaghmede, Dublin this morning.

Via Rtenonews

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12 thoughts on “Hard To Swallow

  1. ringusboreum

    First Eyre Square Galway, how much ? then Poolbeg Dublin, how much, and now Irish water ! Well there’s a man who deserves a bonus !!

      1. CousinJack

        Don’t forget his involevement in teh Glass Bottle Factory site.
        This lad keeps giving, and shows qualifications don’t equal competence
        Doctor Failure

  2. ivan

    I’m confused about the hierarchy here…

    So in any company, you’ve the day-to-day employees, overseen by ‘management’ and you’ve the board. The management, normally in the shape of the Chief Executive Officer, reports to the board, right? But Tierney isn’t the CEO, he’s the managing director, right?

    Forget the board and what they’re paid; it’s a relatively small amount, and their job is RARELY to oversee day-to-day operations but rather to focus on long term strategies and so forth (although you’d wonder about their performance to date) and a lot of what they approve will be brought to them by the ‘management’ person anyway, right?

    Isn’t the problem here the folks making the day-to-day decisions and calling the shots, McNichols/Tierney certainly appear to be in the firing line and a few of their subordinates surely…but I’m not sure if that’s the Governments call now – it’s for the board, right?

    I honestly don’t know – so anybody with the remotest clue….thanks!

  3. epson aculaser c100

    Moot story, it’s not about management/bonuses anymore(contracts will be bought out in any case), Irish Water has to be decommissioned before it sails and fucks us all, its about the government trying it on one more time after you thought the last plough you took was so you’d be finally be able to pull up your pants, too late for hush money.

  4. phil

    There was never any risk to his Job , he is one of our cosseted elites , if they got rid of him , sure wouldnt it be very uncomfortable down at the Golf Course

    1. Murtles

      Yep, more chance of us being witness to a major sword fight between Santy and Jackie Chan on the Ha’penny Bridge. Now I give my PPS number to watch that.

  5. Mineos

    I see at least 9 guards in that photo; but I didn’t even see 1 at 5pm when I saw a poor unfortunate shooting up at the top of Grafton street…. Or 20mins later when I saw a huddle of people buying gear from a young one with a roll of tinfoil under her arm at the bottom of Grafton street.
    The nation is safe again. Good job boys.

  6. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    He kinda gives me the creeps tbh

    I’m half expecting Redman to name him one of these days

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