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Dawson Street, Dublin

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

The Royal Hibernian Hotel (top), owned by the Besson family, was Dublin’s oldest hotel, dating from the 18th century. it was demolished in 1984 and was replaced by the Royal Hibernian Way (above) in 1987. Congrats to Nobbley, Bellweather and Kerryview.


20 thoughts on “Where Is This?

    1. Scraib

      I’d agree there, the original looks, to be honest, pretty lovely. The replacement just looks grey, dull and a lot ugly.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      It’s always been a soul-less and dull place. Deliberately avoid it when going from Grafton St. to Dawson or vice versa and go via Duke Street instead.

  1. Amadan

    As I recall, there was a competition to think up a name for the new mall/passageway/whatever. There was some sort of glamorous prize.

    Imagine the surprise when the winning name of Royal Hibernian Way was suggested by (as I recall) the wife of a member of the development team. Such imagination!

    1. Wayne Carr

      At the last naming of a new building for a commission that I was at, the people who built the building actually won it. So it’s not unusual for that to happen.

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