Terminally Dull



Virgin America has teamed up with San Francisco-based ad agency Eleven to bring you a SIX hour long Youtube pre-roll ad.

The ad documents, in real time, a 5 hour and 45 minute flight from Newark to San Francisco Airport aboard the makey-uppey Blah Airlines flight 101.

And you thought 5 seconds of that Heineken ad was annoying.

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9 thoughts on “Terminally Dull

    1. Cohen Hand

      As are some of the rather bizarre dream sequences.

      Apparently, there’s an in-flight movie somewhere in it too, but my random scrolling of the Youtube time bar hasn’t discovered it yet.

  1. Goosey Lucy

    Christ, I only watched the first ten seconds and was freaked out. It’s like a scene from a horror film
    Some creepy serial
    Killer has sewn on faces to dead bodies.
    Maybe the baby is the killer.
    Chuckie 25 or something …
    I prob need to lay off the crack

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