14 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. rotide

    While you’re at it, heres what else would be nice

    A much bigger ‘latest comments’ section, or at least make it clickable to see the latest comments with times

    Far more ‘click for more’ stories. scrolling becomes painful sometimes when you’ve got massive transcriptions and de papers etc

    No idea what CMS you’re using but is there better comment formatting tools than the standard html stuff?

    Long shot, i know you hate reddit but some sort of +/- to posts would be great.

        1. rotide

          I don’t read the journal comments that much, why do they attract so much hate round these parts?

          Is it like a local parish rivalry?

          The one thing that strikes me about them is that people generally post under the own name, which might do wonders round here

  2. bisted

    ….Broadsheet.ie got honourable mention on #Vinb last night…even if it was only from an FFer…

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