19 thoughts on “The Coach Of Shame

  1. Davey T

    To be fair, thatd be the least of my worries if I was on a bus tour of the Shannon-Erne waterway and ended up on Harcourt Street

  2. Jdawg

    There are a ridiculous amount of wheelchair spaces on that street. And they are massive in size and then have an extra border going around them. It’s totally over the top. It’s outside the offices of The Equality Tribunal. It’s just so stupid. A bus would usually take up 5 or 6 wheelchair spaces.

    Nothing at all against wheelchair spaces but there is an excess amount of them on that street. They are big enough for mini busses.

    1. Padi

      I’m a disabled driver and I totally agree with you. Big overkill on that little inlet, the only reason I can guess is that because the whole of Harcourt is freeflow that it is a hub as such for the whole area.

      My big gripe on disabled parking is that we use a lot of normal spaces too and I have found that a lot of the old areas/spaces on street I used to use are now taken up by Dublin bikes. I’ve no issue with Dublin bikes, it seems to be a great success, however when building the stations they seem to have taken the path of least resistance at all times. Lazy really and little thought for the impact of where they were placed.

      1. Sidewinder

        All due respect but you’re one person in a population of tens of thousands. You can’t know everybody’s needs.

    2. Sidewinder

      Can I ask what your qualifications are with regard to being able to determine the correct size of a parking spot for a disable person (especially given the MASSIVE range of disabilities a person can have that means they require such a spot).

      1. Jdawg

        I just am making an observation. I see plenty of wheelchair spots. They’re on every street and car park as needed. But these are larger than any I’ve ever seen. And there’s more than the ones just in the picture. Like I said, wheelchair parking spots are great. But it’s overkill for this one little street.

        1. Sidewinder

          That’s not an observation, that’s an opinion.

          “Those are big spaces” = observation

          “Those spaces are too big” = opinion

    3. Sidewinder

      Also maybe if people* didn’t park in them all the time there wouldn’t need to be so many spots.

      *read arseholes

  3. JunkFace

    They come here, taking our disabled parking spaces. Fuppin foreigners! (from Shannon)

    You’ll be after our wimmins next! I’m lockin them up till this blows over

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