20 thoughts on “They’re Through!

    1. Samuel

      What? Like back to leaving on the streets? In a cold country? From warm Chilie to cold Ireland. Yeah, well done. Poor lads. Pointless waste of money-escape from reality. Money would be better spent feeding them at home.

      1. Scooperman

        Where they continue to live in a negative cycle never knowing what it feels like to achieve something and what is possible with hard work. Alot of peple who get involved in events like this are inspired to turn their lives around.

        1. Samuel

          Willy-Billy-Arsehole, Panty-Christ and Scooperman – I didn’t miss the point, and Scooperman I agree with you – but if any of yeah g-bags (Willy-Billy) bothered to understand me, you would have seen I said that there are more productive ways to spend money for the benefit of the homeless, ways to give them a sense of achievement, maybe a skill to put to use when turning their life around. And before Willy-Billy says something about FAS, I didn’t mean FAS. Understand now?

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