51 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Irish News?

  1. Mr. T.

    Pretty much the lowest of the low in terms of barrel scraping to use the rape of a woman to undermine your political opponents.

    Enda Kenny must be fierce proud of himself. I wonder what else he’s capable of in order to protect the status quo.

    1. Rep

      I don’t know, I’d say covering up the rape, among other things, is probably worse. I do like how there are attempts to show that Sinn Fein are the victims now.

      1. Mr. T.

        Sinn Fein didn’t cover up anything.

        Fine Gael are pretending to care about this woman who was raped. An awful and violent crime of course and nobody questions that. But Fine Gael are using the scandal as a political tool to undermine their opponents because they are now neck and neck in terms of support and Fine Gael find that really hard to stomach.

        But there are enough fools out there to be taken by Fine Gael’s cynical tactics and faux morality.

        1. Rep

          You’re right, nobody in Sinn Fein had anything to do with this or has been accused of meeting with the victim to talk about the weather. Sinn Fein really are the victims, just like the church was when they got accused of covering things up.

          1. Mr. T.

            You’re misrepresenting my comments deliberately.

            My point is Fine Gael are using the rape of a woman as a political tool for their own ends. That’s shameful.

        2. Karl

          Agreed, Mr T.

          It really show the depths to which Kenny et all will stoop to maintain power. Gerry Adams should walk though, he’s a sitting duck for the likes of FG and FF, and any time Sinn Fein gain in popularity they’ll orchestrate something like this again.

          1. VinLieger

            Yes because FG completely orchestrated the rape, cover up and then complete denial of this whole situation as wll as the moving of accuse abusers from the north to the south. It’s all FG fault as usual

        3. Clampers Outside!

          Ah give it a rest and stop clouding the air with screams from the pram… there was rape and paedophile cover ups in Sinn Fein and the IRA. That’s it. Nothing else but that is what needs to be looked at.

          WHO GIVES A FUPP ABOUT POINT SCORING, it’s polotics ya muppet… ya don’t think SF are capable of the same thing or worse? Stick to the matters being discussed, and stop getting distracted and distracting others with FGs side show…. you’re starting to sound like an apologist trying to deflect from the real crime.

          1. deliverancecountry

            I agree Clampers. The rape and the cover-up has nothing to do with who the current government are.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Snide political strokes employed in the absence of competency and leadership. I wonder how many more we’ll see pre-Election.

    3. gallantman

      I completely believe Mairia Cahill and accept her entire version of events. Just think the political opportunism is sickening. If Enda was as diligent in pursuing other organisations who covered up abuse -Church, Dept of Education, Dept of Justice, Gardai, HSE- then I would accept his bona fides. When he meeting the Magdelene/Mother and Baby home survivors? Why is our Taoiseach holding the IRA- a group that he would describe as a terrorist organisation- to a higher standard of care than all of these State bodies?

      1. serf

        Nonsense and whataboutery. If the shoe was on the other foot and FG, Labour or FF were in the spotlight there is no doubt SF would be clamouring for blood (and rightly so). Call it “opportunism” if you want, its also political accountability. So if SF wants to be considered a serious political party involved in a democratic process, it has to grow up and be accountable like anyone else.

    4. sickofallthisbs

      Whereas intimidation of rival election candidates and their supporters while out campaigning is perfectly acceptable. Likewise, acting like thugs and scumbags and attempting to coerce rivals to lash out physically (in front of any number of recording devices) is also from the top drawer of politicking. Don’t know about you, but I would call that a direct and illegal interference with democracy, as witnessed in, you know, Italy and Germany in the 1930s.

      Don’t even pretend that SF would not do the same if they knew Enda Kenny did the same thing. The only worthwhile thing modern day SF produced (and yes I am drawing a distinction between today’s SF and the party that was originally formed – because ye are not the same party in anything other than name) are those t-shirts about hating Maggie Thatcher.

    5. Daffyd

      What would you have him do instead? Ignore it? Would you have said this about the Church’s sex abuse or the mother and baby homes? Get over yourself! Sinn Féin are not the victims.

  2. Rafterysean

    I can’t wait for Sinn Fein to be in government. At least there will be a reduction in prison numbers as inmates are executed or deported. However their policing policies will result in overcrowding in orthopaedic wards. Win some lose some.

    1. Neilo

      I, for one, welcome our new Mystic Nationalist overlords. A chicken in every pot and a nonce in every Active Service Unit.

    2. Mr. T.

      Fianna Fail and Fine Gael policies have caused the overcrowding of Irish jails with people who failed to pay small fines for non payment of TV licenses or minor driving offenses.

      But interestingly not with the people who caused the financial crises and continue to profit from it. Or connected people who defraud and fail to obey court orders to pay their debts.

    3. Mister Mister

      On the flip side, like Belfast in the 80s and 90s, we’ll become an centre of excellence in orthopaedic surgery. We’ll have money flowing in to our health care system from all over the world from people wanting to spend a bit of time in residency here.

  3. Mr. T.

    I would guess Mairia Cahill is being managed by PR in the background and I would not be surprised if that PR was connected to Fine Gael.

    Her Twitter account shows no activity at all between December 2013 and October 2014. And in October alone, it’s hopping with tweets. That’s an orchestrated campaign which is being managed.

    Anyone with the slightest cop on can see it. Some just choose not to.

    1. Lilly

      @ Mr T — I agree but that’s politics, a dirty business and Enda knows how to get down and dirty. It doesn’t alter the facts of her case though; she has been waiting long enough for vindication.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      So, let me get this right, your accusation is thus…..

      A woman fighting ill treatment when trying to get her RAPE case heard spends years challenging that system – SF/IRA failures as admitted by Gerry – and the legitimate system, and when she gets organised you accuse her of what exactly… getting her act together?

      So, what are you saying, she shouldn’t have any case and should shut up…. because that’s exactly what you are saying she should be doing whether you realise it or not.

      Are you for f**king real?

      1. Lilly

        He’s saying that Mairia Cahill is being used by FG, that they are not motivated by justice etc. Most people are aware of this but are willing to overlook the point scoring because she has been denied justice for so long.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          He is saying that, but that post in particular is a warped view and is basically accusing the woman of mounting a case for herself to be heard, like that was a bad thing…. unbelievable….. Mr T has completely lost any perspective due to his droning on about point scoring as if that was the real story. Idiotic nonsense.

          1. Lilly

            My reading of it is he thinks, rightly in my view, that the FG PR machine has got hold of her and is pulling all the strings. Where were they all these years?

          2. will-billy

            yea but really how relevant is the identity of the puppetmaster lilly? compared to the abuse the woman is alleged to have suffered?

          3. Clampers Outside!

            Well, I don’t believe that, that’s just me. Certainly not to the extent MrT is suggesting. They’re, FG and FF, only coming in behind it now, she’s been getting this geared up for a lot longer…. it’s not like managing a twitter account is a big deal.
            But it appears to be enough for MrT to base some conspiracy theory on…. or at least that’s what his comment says, which is ridiculous.

        2. Alfred E. Neumann

          The tendency to dismiss her story because she is “being used” is deeply misogynistic. She can tell her experience in any damn way she likes, regardless of who it helps or hurts. Shushing a victim because her experience might damage the people who hurt her is beyond weird.

          She was raped and the rape was compounded by Sinn Fein mistreatment. Does that give a political advantage to Sinn Fein’s rival’s? Yes. Is it therefore a story about “political point-scoring”? Only to assholes.

    3. Sophie

      Seriously. Who the FUPP cares if it’s being ‘managed’. Mairia had the courage to speak out and wanted her story to be heard and that’s what is happening. Of course it’s being used politically, but she is using it to her advantage and I say more power to her for doing it. And if you think Sinn Fein wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing you’re deluded.

      I do admit that I would like to see the outrage that FG and FF are currently displaying being directed at the church too, but hopefully this is just the start in a change in Irish society’s attitude toward rape and abuse.

    4. Odis

      “I would guess Mairia Cahill is being managed by PR in the background” – which I suppose is infinitely better than being managed as a “camp follower”, by the Provos.

      As if this somehow mitigates rape. Just go and **** yourself Mr. T.

  4. Rep

    I liked how Gerry didn’t answer the question about moving the possible sex offenders across the border away from the police in the north. They really just the church, another set of victims of political accusations.

  5. Soundings

    Whatever about political point-scoring, I believe Mairia Cahill was subjected to some sort of inquiry/interrogation/investigation/rape court, whatever you want to call it. And these are questions which citizens north and south need answers to:

    (1) how many rapists/abusers were dealt with by these “courts”
    (2) where were rapists/abusers expelled to
    (3) did anyone inform the authorities
    (4) did anyone keep tabs on the rapists/abusers
    (5) how many re-offended

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Nail on the head. Cries of political point-scoring do little to address the fact there are victims at the heart of this that need care and support.

  6. Jimmy Rimmel

    Mairia Cahill is basically being asked to keep her mouth shut and not exploit any opportunity for justice so as not to embarrass the great west Belfast chieftain. Love the way the Provos ‘exiled’ offenders to the 26 counties- like it’s a different country!

    1. Too big for my boots

      I think that this is the key here. We are a different country and whatever about unified Ireland ideals that some strive for there is no reason for Enda to get involved. The rape happened in a different jurisdiction and has nothing to do with the ROI. Except for the fact the victim probably has 2 passports. Enda should be raising this with the British government and asking why their agencies failed her. Get them to apologise to her for that failure and leave pur wee Gerry alone. Cheap politics to the nth degree.
      I’m not an SF supporter.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Apart from the fact that the person involved is a TD in the Irish parliament and the leader of a party asking people to vote for them in the Republic?

        Other than that, nothing to do with Enda, of course.

  7. Kieran NYC

    If Enda Kenny, Micheal Martin or ANY member of the other parties were engaged in the cover-up of a RAPE, people would rightly calling for them to be lynched and they would be gone WEEKS ago.

    But this is St. Gerry. It’s clearly everyone else’s fault.

    Though I suppose when you decide you support a liar and someone involved in murder, your morals kinda go out the window.

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