20 thoughts on “Busted Flush

  1. Soundings

    Denis O’Brien is an arsehole (so was Alan Shatter until he shuffled off)
    Rosie Davison is lovely
    Here’s a reheated account of BS’s Kaiser Sez So
    Here’s an unintelligible prediction of some election outcome
    Yada yada yada
    And about one in 50 of our cartoons is funny (and this edition’s front page is in the other 49)

  2. Soundings

    Oops, missed out, here’s some company whose share price is massively under/overvalued, but which, this time next year oddly remains massively under/overvalued (why won’t the market listen to us, why?)

  3. Willie Banjo

    First to break the REHAB stuff, first to break Gemma O’Doherty penalty points stuff, only one to cover most of the DOB stuff. Yeah terrible rag!

    1. Walter Ego

      Spot on. Looks like anything that attacks the FF/ FG/Labour cartels are to be ridiculed by the 50cent army above

    2. Soundings

      Yah, the Rehab stuff, so damning that public accounts committee failed to uncover any wrongdoing, but managed to land us with the bill for Angela Kerins’ litigation (and potentially Frank Flannery’s). Bottom line, was there any criminality at Rehab? No. Was there management incompetence? Given, the amount of dosh it secured from the lottery, government and other sources, and its productivity in terms of assistance given, the management were geniuses (now departed of course). So thank you Phoenix for what exactly?

      And as regards Gemma O’Doherty uncovering the fact the commissioner had penalty points cancelled because he had emergency business, again, no law-breaking, but plenty of the nudge-nudge-wink-wank for which the Indo and Sindo are infamous.

    1. Gav D

      Not sure you’re reading the same Phoenix I am.

      They’re pretty equal opportunities in who they go after, and SF are rarely spared.

  4. Ultach

    Is that the definition of journalistic excellence – jumping on the current bandwagon as dictated by some shady PR firm?

  5. Stevie Coppell

    So it’s all about a shady PR firm now eh? Some republicans you are with your care for the oppressed. Anyway, I hope Gerry has recovered from the operation that it took to get Paddy Prendiville’s head out of his posterior.

    1. Ultach

      Who are you calling republicans? And who said it’s “all” about a shady PR firm? Just to clarify, I never claimed to be one of the former and I didn’t say the latter.

  6. Jimmy Rimmel

    Investigative journalism means investigating everybody and Phoenix worship of Gerry A goes beyond satire – the odd funny cartoon mind you

    1. Mick Flavin

      It’s Michael’s father, John, that owns it (or I think he still does, Frilly, at any rate). There was a spat there a few months ago over an off-colour Israel-related cover gag.

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