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Via The Guardian:

Princess Latifa, a daughter of Dubai’s ruler who claims to have been held in captivity by her father since 2018, has asked UK police to re-investigate the kidnapping more than 20 years ago of her sister, Princess Shamsa, according to a letter reported by the BBC.

The BBC reported that in a letter handwritten in 2019 – but passed to Cambridgeshire police on Wednesday – Latifa says the police may be able to free Shamsa, who was abducted on the orders of her father when she was 19.

“Your help and attention on her case could free her,” Latifa reportedly wrote

Princess Latifa letter urges UK police to investigate sister’s Cambridge abduction (The Guardian)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD and the Minister for Health Simon Harris with Eilish Hardiman, Chief Executive, Children’s Hospital Group and sisters Ashlegh Isabel and Matilda Kiernan and James Mohan at official sod turning ceremony at the Paediatric Outpatients and Urgent Care Centre at Connolly Hospital last week

Anon writes:

Am I the only one that thinks there is a sinister explanation of the name of the new Children’s Hospital ‘The Phoenix’.

That name is not simply a quaint metaphor from history.

It has active and occulted meanings in Freemasonry, Satanism and a range of esoteric sub cultures.

In ‘The Secret History of the IRA’ Ed Moloney points out that Gerry Adams and Co. selected it as the logo of then then young Provisionals…


To quote Jordan Maxwell:

“The Purpose of Signs and Symbols. Signs and symbols are not merely for decoration or random meaningless marks without purpose. Signs and symbols have real, specific and precise meanings. Also, signs and symbols usually have ONE PURPOSE — to identify, and the identification is expressed in two ways — (1) by showing ownership, and (2) by showing direction.”

Seems clear to me that our very own ‘deep state’ just spoke.

And nobody suspects a thing?


Medical boards unhappy with proposed children’s hospital name (RTÉ)



The latest edition of The Phoenix magazine, in shops now

The Phoenix magazine today asserts that Sally and Tom Fitzgerald – after having been told by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald that the Justice Department will review the Garda investigation into their daughter Kate’s death – are unlikely to “open a second front in their pursuit of the facts about the death”.

The ‘second front’ the magazine is referring to is how The Irish Times issued an apology to Kate’s employer, The Communications Clinic, after it published an article identifying Kate as the author of a previous anonymous article in which, among other things, Kate wrote about how she suffered from depression and detailed how she was treated at her workplace.

Along with the apology, The Irish Times stated Kate’s original article contained “significant assertions which were not factual”.

Later, the Irish Times blacked out the article in its entirety on the newspaper’s online archive.

To this day, Kate’s parents do not know what ‘assertions were not factual’.

Further to this, The Phoenix also writes:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 13.34.59


The Phoenix Magazine (Facebook)

Terry Prone On Frances Fitzgerald (Irish Independent, May 2014)

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