Cruel Clampers Outside



This morning.

Steve writes:

“Clamper warning Marlborough Street [Dublin] – small 24 hr clearway signs gone less than 2 weeks ago. Note the signpost behind 2nd car (you can’t see the sign as it’s pointed away from car) Parking bay markings still in place on ground and machine still takes money (which I paid) with no mention of clearway. And I still got clamped (see 1st car). Bit of a racket !!!!!”



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25 thoughts on “Cruel Clampers Outside

  1. Zynks

    Not a good idea to tell the folks around here that one of the cars is yours. It kind of kills the support to clamper bashing. I’ll gladly let people prove me wrong.

  2. sickofallthisbs

    Some one should set up a twitter page whereby people can warn one another where the clampers are. Oh wait. I forgot this was already done by somebody desperate to get their number of followers up.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It would need a dedicated individual to run it and someone impervious to the distractions of award-winning news sites.

    2. rotide

      What? No!

      All this time and I thought clampers’ name was just a nice whimsical handle and now it turns out its a (potentially) useful twitter account!

      I don’t know why but this makes me sad somehow :(

      1. ahyeah

        You’re afraid he’s going to outgrow you, aren’t you? I wish I could tell you otherwise but, yes, it’s going to happen. Years from now you’ll still remember his birthday but he won’t even care.

  3. Murtles

    It’s the big blue open 24 hour parking sign on the corner of the building that smacks of delicious irony. Nomnomnom.

  4. Kolmo

    Hey! stop complaining – a nice proportion of the DCC annual revenue is derived from punitive measures against it’s very citizen’s, and they have targets to meet, gawl, won’t anyone think of the pressure they are under to reach targets?? jeez…

    clamping prix.

  5. paul hayes

    There’s always an excuse. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a person who thought they got clamped fairly – a seagull blocked my vision, it was only a min, the sign wasn’t pointing at me etc…

    1. Steve

      Fair enough Paul. But my point is that I paid to park there in the allotted time, in a bay that still had not had its markings removed, beside a machine which was still in operation, beside a new obscured clearway sign (which I failed to notice due to the fact that it was placed there pointing in a different direction altogether) and I still got clamped !

    2. Vlad

      Oh hai! I’ve got clamped in city center thinking it’s Sunday and parking on Sunday is free…

      Problem is it was Saturday and parking on neither Saturdays or Sundays is free there. So it was totally my mistake.

  6. Rompsky

    Parking bays which turn into sneaky clearways for an hour during every second Tuesday after the spring equinox for the craic are the worst. Took away my proud non clamping record. Mespil road being the one I refer to

  7. scottser

    your nearest hardware is round on parnell st, should you wish to purchase an angle grinder. otherwise the lovely staff at mcquillan’s will be glad to assist, i’m sure.

  8. Ultach

    Again I say there is a gap in the market for personal clamps (stop sniggering!) which the driver can apply to hisher own vehicle and remove at the end of the parking session. So there.

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