Windier Than Thou



A graphic from the Farmer’s Journal showing the prevalence of wind farms in Irish counties.

G’wan the Cork and Donegal!

Wind Energy Blowing An Ill Wind (Farmer’s Journal, login required)

(Thanks Maura Fay)





MikeyFex sez:

“Here are the figures per county on Watt per Sq KM (top chart) and Watt per person (above).”

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23 thoughts on “Windier Than Thou

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      “Someone was going to say it”

      I think you have this place confused with The Journal

      1. Robyn

        Someone commenting on The Journal would have thought themselves intelligent by saying it. I was just making it sound ridiculous.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Agreed. I really like them. Often when I’m on the M8 (is it?) I veer dangerously into the other lane as I try to get a look at the gabháil of ’em that are around the Cullohill area. I find them oddly fascinating.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Me too.
      Stand up close to one for the whirr.
      Antrim’s absence from the wind party is puzzling.

    3. NotTheBogeyMan

      Why don’t you apply to have one installed disconnect from the grid while you’re at it.
      Suggest you drop your electricity consumption by 75% forthwith

  1. OnTheUp

    Anyone know how much energy (roughly) a county like Donegal would use? Or what percentage of overall energy comes from Wind Turbines?

    1. majo

      All ten people in Donegal when they’re not burning turf, only use electricity for AM radio. To listen to the angelus at 6pm. So not very much

    1. Mikeyfex

      Wattage per Sq KM
      Top 5.
      Wexford (62610.9 W/km^2)
      Donegal (57642.46W/km^2)

      Wattage per Person
      Top 5
      Leitrim (2733.16W/person)
      Cavan (1552.8W/person)

      The island of Ireland averages 26086.96W/km, that’s 241.48W/person.

      (hey, it beats actual work)

  2. Truth in the News

    What is the MW demand in each County, how much of the PSO levy for
    each County goes to Wind Turbine operators as a subsidy, as to installed
    wind turbine capacity, how much of it, is of no use when there is wind and and
    no load demand in particular from midnight to early morning and then the
    expense of running sprinning reserve or operating thermal generation stations
    at reduced output when there is no wind or very high wind speeds…as in very
    high wind speeds wind turbines have to be shut down.

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