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23 thoughts on “Recognition

    1. Mani

      In a way it’s quite sweet. He acknowledges the inevitability of the rape but hopes that at least she will enjoy it.

  1. Drogg

    Em why are our illustrious garda not cracking open his door and dragging him out of bed for threatening a senator. Maybe they are too busy dealing with real criminals protesting water charges.

    1. RealCorkLanger

      Has Senator Power reported it?

      I hope she does, however I’d say the Gardaí need to actually receive a complaint before dealing with something.

    2. John E. Bravo

      Is it because it’s not strictly a threat of action – “I’m going to. . . ” more that he hopes someone else will take action.

      “I hope you get a terminal illness”
      “I’m going to kill you”.

      Also not nice, and maybe against another law, but maybe different?

  2. Starina

    ha! He’s hiding his profile now in case some mean ol’ meanies call him out on his bullsh*t. Poor, poor Jeremy.

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