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South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2 this afternoon

‘Anon’ writes:

I gave up social media because Madonna told me to. Yes. I gave up social media because I saw either a video or read a message of Madonna talking about the toxicity of Instagram.

To be quite honest, I don’t remember which format and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the vagueness of the attention span one has when you have a hand-held screen which bombards you with information at a pace far faster than the human brain has had the ability to adapt to.

Now, it must be said that as I write this it is only day three but I feel liberated.

I’m a 30 year-old, below average fitness-level gay working in a fairly high-stress environment and living in Dublin.

I dropped out of University in my final year and stumbled through the recession in a low level, low income job, making no real progress with my life but committed myself to this job out of feeling worth nothing more for myself.

I had failed but I’m from a long lineage of people who are quite frankly very hard on themselves.

It took a failed long term relationship for which i had poured all my energy into (and I’m going to come back to this energy because it’s something I’d like to discuss) for me to realise that I had completely lost myself.

I was a closeted gay in a county, staunchly Catholic, secondary school. I took a hell of a lot of abuse in my years listening to all the homophobic shit: “gay” was the derogatory term of choice.

I’ll always remember the only time I heard someone defend gays and I’ll forever love her for it. It was upstairs between the chemistry and biology lab and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I’ll also – even though we fell out irreparably in later years – will remember the girl who stood up for me on the bus. Big shout out to Squishy.

I don’t actually harbour resentment for the homophobic bullying. I was harbouring guilt and shame and taking an emotional beating upon myself.

Nobody knew me because I was affording nobody myself, including myself. I was something to be kept hidden, even from myself.

Coming out a month before the Leaving Cert to my parents and a select few so, they could deal with it “whlie I had to study” was one of my smartest choices in life. Which is also one of the only real things I have ever done for myself.

One thing has been with me throughout all the years. Social Media.

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Liz Carolan, of Transparent Referendum Initiative, tweetz:

The first Irish political ads have started appearing on Facebook’s ad archive – from today all political ads will need to have additional contact info & Facebook will give information on cost (range not amount) who saw the ad (though NOT yet on how they did their targeting..)

In addition…

Previously: He Is Among Us


A mini doc featuring the enterprising, exploitable teens of Veles in Macedonia (aka the future Republic of North Macedonia). Director Kate Stonehill sez:

Since the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, teenagers have been creating fake news stories that generate thousands of hits on social media. These young entrepreneurs have made money off of advertising revenue generated from their fake stories going viral, introducing a ‘digital gold rush’ to Veles


Jody Corcoran

There are two issues which give rise for concern. First, the reaction on social media to Donnelly’s decision should be ignored by all right-thinking people. Social media is an uninformed sewer…

Donnelly’s choice, Howlin’s radicalism and the legacy of Enda Kenny (Jody Corcoran, Sunday Independent, February 17, 2017)

It was at this point that the reaction went into overdrive: So, who was really responsible for this anyway? Have a look at the open sewer that is social media

Jody Corcoran: Shrill voices raining down on heads of the homeless (Jody Corocran, Sunday Indpendent yesterday)

Reg writes:

Does Jody not realise he is working at INM?


Pic via Independent.ie