That’s What It’s All About




if they can’t dance they don’t want to be part of your revolution.

Dublin Says No sez:

“They said they couldn`t be defeated, we put it to the test. Today the people of North Dublin unleashed their secret weapon. The HOKEY POKEY.  GMC Sierra (water meter installers)  were instantly defeated as the employee ran for cover…”

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28 thoughts on “That’s What It’s All About

  1. Tony the Toy Gur

    If they all went out and got jobs they’d have no trouble paying for their water and they could buy better shiny tracksuits and more cigarettes.

  2. squiggleyjoop

    A load of Mas doing the Hokey cokey is my second most fear thing. My most feared thing would be if all the Mas were my Ma.

  3. rotide

    ugh, I hate that this is known as the Hokey ‘Pokey’ here (and a few other places)

    It’s clearly written to be Cokey not Pokey. The hard C makes it scan a lot better than the P.

    had to rant about that.

      1. deliverancecountry

        Technically you’re correct but everyone knows you say : “OHHHHHH Hokey, Pokey Pokey” so you’re shouting at the wind.

  4. Lee

    Yeah it’s that Sierra worker that’s the brains behind the operation. He doesn’t even work for Irish Water directly.
    All they’re doing is wrecking that guy’s week.
    If someone did that to me at my job I’d probably have a cry.
    Do the hokey cokey for the board of directors.

  5. Happy Molloy

    it must be scary thinking that you’re going to have to pay some tax like the rest of society. even if your money is free

    1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

      This is not the week t’ be telling anyone they need t’ pay tax….

      But you’d a known that if you were affected with any substantial / significant hammering …..

  6. TheSmallFella

    And that folks is another aspect of democracy other than the long wait for the ballot box – peaceful protest. it’s also the aspect of democracy that the politicians would most like to prevent.
    Well done, ladies. I don’t watch simon cowell shows on tv but you would get my vote based on that performance.

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