Running Away Money



Marriage in the sixties.

What was not to like?

Ciara Meehan writes:

Modern Wife, Modern Life is my exhibition running at the National Print Museum of Ireland between August and October 2015. It explores the idea of the ‘modern wife’ in 1960s Ireland as seen through the pages of women’s magazines. Please consider showing your support for the exhibition by donating on Fund It.

At the start of the twentieth century, manuals on how to be a good wife were widely available in Ireland. With the emergence of new technologies, women’s glossy magazines came to replace the traditional manual as did the advice given to newly married women and housewives in the 1960s.

The concept of being an ‘ideal wife’ became closely bound up with being a ‘modern wife’. The message was clear: a ‘good wife’ was not just beautifully presented, but also used all the latest modern devices. Her home – especially the kitchen – was an extension of her appearance and reputation. ‘Modern life’ and ‘modern wife’ became blended into the one ideal.

Anyone can be a part of this history project by loaning items from the 1960s which fit into one of the six themes of the exhibition; print culture, advice for the newly married wife, beauty and presentation, new technologies in the home; women behind the wheel and the wife who works. Rewards for contributing to the cost of producing the exhibition include reproduction images, a limited edition booklet and a private curator’s tour.

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Pic: Brand New Retro

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8 thoughts on “Running Away Money

  1. scottser

    what about us poor lads? forced into roles of provider and authoritarian, that’s what. when all we wanted to do was curl up on the couch in our jammies with a box of choccies we had to smoke pipes and smother ourselves in hai karate. where’s the justice, huh? huh?

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