The Green Dream



41st Shade.

A clear headed documentary on cannabis in Ireland.

Featuring Limerick physician William O’Shaugnessy, discoverer of the medical properties of cannabis, Mr Nice, Mr Ming, Prof Crown, addiction counsellors and a covert mildly paranoia-inducing visit to a grow house.

Maker Paul Roban writes:

The intention of this documentary is to explore the role of cannabis in 21st Century Ireland, not least due to growing usage within the mainstream, but also because of our failure to prevent its distribution. For this reason, we need to question the resources ploughed into the ‘war on drugs’ and whether both the time and manpower called upon is justifiable when it appears that all other progressive nations are either entirely decriminalising cannabis or relaxing their laws on its possession.

(Made before the Summer cabinet reshuffle while Alan Shatter was Justice Minister,  James Reilly was Health and Ming was in the Dáil)

Thanks 41st Shade

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12 thoughts on “The Green Dream

    1. Odis

      I thought – should I?. Then I looked at 1.43:25. Some other day perhaps. I’m sure its very worthwhile.

  1. curmudgeon

    Oh I hope to god they legalize it, putting an end to all my unemployed mates trying to be the next Scarface as they peddle tiny baggies and joints for a fiver. And all my other mates having too smoke in their parents shed while snapchatting it and listening to Bob Marley. Its just embarrasing.

  2. Drogg

    I am a pro legalise guy but man that doc needed son serious work. It’s far to long there are to many traveling v/o’s needs to be reedited completely. The only part I found interesting was the two doctors interviews but have you never heard of a second camera angle, like come on seriously we are talking tv production 101 here.

      1. Kevin Higgins

        Having made the documentary with paul we can safely say we had a 0 euro budget and little equipment, thanks for the tips though will take into consideration next time!

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