33 thoughts on “Overpaid Footballers

      1. Smashmouth

        Who gives a shit about font for gods sake?

        So long as the book isn’t written in it it’s hardly worth complaining about

        Font hipsters are saaaad

  1. Titty O Toole McPenis

    From what has come out so far in the BOD book, is he the most boring sports person on the planet? An even drearier Jamie Redknapp perhaps

    1. Kieran NYC

      He was the best player in his profession for over a decade. You want him to do magic tricks too? Where would he find the time to do anything crazy? lol

      1. Titty O Toole McPenis

        You’d be incorrect on that one but I never mentioned his playing ability. I was referring to his boring personality.

    1. cluster

      Sad middle-class habit to align yourselves in terms of an artificial southsider/bogger/knacker divide.

      You’d probably struggle to fit a piece of paper in the gap between your salaries, educational levels, family backgrounds etc. Yet here you are on the internet ruling out hundreds of thousands of your fellow islanders on the basis of which field sport you prefer or what sort of Irish accent you have.

  2. Kdoc

    There’s precious little we don’t already know about these well paid sportsmen, save maybe for a little extra bit tittle tattle we receive hints of to generate sales.

    1. cluster

      Why is he so keen in getting Dubs to do the writing then? Dunphy and now Doyle.

      Surely he could have rustled up a Cork writer to further justify your narrow, parochial views.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        I said that very same thing here when twas announced Noddy Doyle got the gig.

        But what can we say now only look at the price differential a Booker prizewinner gets ya
        I suppose

        But still pissed off with Roy tho.

  3. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    That font seems to be troubling ye
    A bit too much


    What are the chances Dr Keane and Mr Huberman can be asked for comment

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