Answers Reacts to his name.

Possibly nosing around Ringsend.

Sarah writes:

My friend in work’s cat has gone missing around the Ringsend area, near Fisherman’s Wharf. His name is Chico, he is a 4 year old male, neutered and microchipped – this is really unlike him and it is a bad week for cats to be missing with bonfires etc… He answers to his name unusually for a cat.. if people could keep an eye out for him that would be great. He belongs to Fionnuala…it would be great if you could post this Broadsheet as she is really worried.


UPDATE: Chico found safe and well although a little “hoarse”. More to follow. Thanks all.

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5 thoughts on “Find Chico

  1. Nikkeboentje

    I really hope he is found soon. I would hate for my cat to be out on the lead up to Halloween. I don’t even allowed him to go out to toilet on Halloween night, he has to use his litter tray.

  2. JunkFace

    He probably got into a fight with another male cat, and is a little injured in a back garden and waiting for the coast to be clear to come home. Its happened twice to mine. Walking around the area calling his name at dinner times is a good idea, or bang a spoon on a tin of tuna, they can hear that from miles away

  3. Sarah

    UPDATE – he was just found – 4 days later! probably locked into a somwhere as he has no voice left…. owner is delighted!

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