[The UNICEF report] found Irish families with children have lost the equivalent of ten years of income progress. The child poverty rate rose by over 10% to 28.6% between 2008 and 2012.This corresponds to a net increase of more than 130,000 poor children in Ireland.

There you go now.

UNICEF report finds 10% rise in child poverty in Ireland (RTE)

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5 thoughts on “Poor Show

  1. Tony the Toy Gur

    But what do these charts, percentages and tables actually mean?

    Am I supposed to be seeing children lying on the pavement dropping dead from the hunger?

  2. downtowntrain

    Well for these children, standing around taking surveys. Go out and get jobs and an education and pay your way.

  3. notlucas

    Seriously? Do you honestly think policy isn’t shaped by research? These people have jobs and by doing them are doing far more to improve things long term than most of us.

    And no you probably won’t see them falling down on streets with starvation. You’ll see them in homeless accommodation, at breakfast clubs and afterschool clubs, or playing outside to avoid stressed parents.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Well done Laour and Fine Gael…. reducing the high tax rate by 1% will really go along way to alleviating these children’s poor situation… oh no wait, it won’t affect them at all….. ye bunch o’ fupps !

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