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Paddy Ferris writes:

If you want to know how bad a certain amount of people in this country are suffering due to austerity, one need only take a look at adverts.ie today as a person asks ‘Please help?’ He is looking for a loan of €200 for ‘food for my kids.’ Shockingly sad, and an indictment of the economics that our government still advocate.

Please Help (Adverts.ie)

UPDATE: Ad since withdrawn. Go figure.


[The UNICEF report] found Irish families with children have lost the equivalent of ten years of income progress. The child poverty rate rose by over 10% to 28.6% between 2008 and 2012.This corresponds to a net increase of more than 130,000 poor children in Ireland.

There you go now.

UNICEF report finds 10% rise in child poverty in Ireland (RTE)

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 22.21.14Rebecca Noonan writes:

A young Irish woman at an EU Citizen’s Initiative in Ghent, Belgium yesterday responded to the EU Commissioner for Trade’s claim that Ireland is out of a recession – and got a round of applause while doing so, Made Flemish news!


Jonah Hill was also in attendance.

Watch here


“Het gaat nog altijd niét goed met Ierland” (Daredect)