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Paddy Ferris writes:

If you want to know how bad a certain amount of people in this country are suffering due to austerity, one need only take a look at adverts.ie today as a person asks ‘Please help?’ He is looking for a loan of €200 for ‘food for my kids.’ Shockingly sad, and an indictment of the economics that our government still advocate.

Please Help (Adverts.ie)

UPDATE: Ad since withdrawn. Go figure.


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Dave McGeady writes:

That’s a dry five euro note I spotted sitting in a urinal on Friday evening in the rather busy Porterhouse [Parliament Street, Dublin]. Twenty minutes later it was still there. Which leads me to conclude that the recession in Ireland is now over…


[The UNICEF report] found Irish families with children have lost the equivalent of ten years of income progress. The child poverty rate rose by over 10% to 28.6% between 2008 and 2012.This corresponds to a net increase of more than 130,000 poor children in Ireland.

There you go now.

UNICEF report finds 10% rise in child poverty in Ireland (RTE)

amountMichael O’Riordan writes:

Glad to see we managed to sell so many bonds on the international markets. At this rate it will only take 23 million more sales to clear our debt…


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David Cantwell writes:

Over the weekend at Seapoint [Co Dublin], a lone soldier sticks it to the recession.

One minute.

Maybe he might like to play some Xbox?

washington postThey’re just jealous.

Damn foreign naysayers.

Ireland back in recession despite being lauded as example of how austerity can work (Washington Post)

Irish economy back in recession amid exports slump (Jamie Smyth, Irish Times)

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Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 22.21.14Rebecca Noonan writes:

A young Irish woman at an EU Citizen’s Initiative in Ghent, Belgium yesterday responded to the EU Commissioner for Trade’s claim that Ireland is out of a recession – and got a round of applause while doing so, Made Flemish news!


Jonah Hill was also in attendance.

Watch here


“Het gaat nog altijd niét goed met Ierland” (Daredect)