10 thoughts on “Bate That

  1. Bingo

    Scene of a massacre recently though……
    The home side got BATE out the gate by Shaktar, 7-0.

  2. Soundings

    Just what was wrong with angles and lines? Does a stadium really need a curvy roof, three decades ago, we’d have thought it was wonky.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      Three decades ago I’d have thought a [REDACTED] woman sticking [REDACTED] up my [REDACTED] while swinging three [REDACTED] from each [REDACTED] was wonky. Now I drive to Mullingar for it twice a week.

    2. edalicious

      And what was so wrong with wattle and daub? If it was good enough for my ancestors, it’s good enough for me!

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