Escape To Victory


The  Al-Helal Club Under-14 side

Gaza Action Ireland writes:

A team of Palestinian children will play football in Ireland next summer, thanks to an initiative to be launched today by former Irish manager Brian Kerr.
Under-14 members of the Al-Helal club, based in northern Gaza, will play against teams from Dublin, Tipperary, Limerick and Belfast during their visit next August.
Al-Helal’s clubhouse was damaged in the Israeli assaults of 2012 and 2014. With the nearby sea polluted by sewage, football is often the only exercise and entertainment available to Gaza’s children, who have just lived through the third major attack in less than six years on the territory where they live.  It is being organised by Gaza Action Ireland (GAI) and Antrim to Gaza, who need to raise thousands of euro to support the initiative. ..Contributions can be made here. Thank you.

Gaza Action Ireland (Facebook)

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14 thoughts on “Escape To Victory

  1. Davey T

    Brian Kerrs descent continues
    Irish international manager 2003-05
    Faroe Islands 2009-11
    Al Helal under 14s 2014-

  2. Moan

    How about tying Alan Shatter to a late sheet of plywood leaning against a wall, and then getting these kids to kick footballs at him for about an hour.

      1. rotide

        Remember when there was all the ‘oh there’s no anti-semitism about this’ protests?

        yeh, so do i.

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