31 thoughts on “If You Build it

      1. Selfie Sensation

        Yeah, nothing to see here, they are 100% not building a massive bonfire for Friday night.

    1. rotide

      Lets put that investigative nature of yours to work Tom!

      First, look at the date.

      Now, go to the auld google and look for images of bonfires and see what material is pretty popular with the young uns for building said fires.

      Now, sit back and bask in your new found knowledge

      1. Tom Stewart

        Well at least you have a general impression of my posts. When I tried (hard) to conjure an impression of you or what you post, nothing came.

        1. rotide


          Well. Apart from the fact that I must have genius level IQ to figure out that its kids building a bonfire, I actually have no idea what the general nature of your posts are, but i’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your Nancy Drew-esque deductions heretowith.

    2. Atlas

      Just the little tykes and scamps that Broadsheet loves so much building a bonfire in the middle of the road. Sure we were all young once :)

    3. Anne

      It looks like pallets on the bus lane to me, they’re probably singing ‘da wheels on da bus’.

      It was probably spastic day out huh Tom? Sorry, special needs..

  1. KirkenBrenner

    I hope they enjoy their trip to the burns unit as much as I enjoy their trip to the burns unit.

  2. RapidEddie

    Pallets are deadly an’ all because you can scoot them along with a hand pallet lift. With wheels an’ all.

  3. YourNan

    aren’t they adorable with their pretend taxi, it will be all to soon when they start jacking the real ones for meth money or god forbid, drive one for a living. I love the proles.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      I think the pallets are the building blocks. Then they fupp the tyres around them. I was up around O’Devaney Gardens last year and saw quite a few in the vicinity. Gulp.

  4. Dubloony

    I love bonfires at this time of year. Its a genuinely pagan, Irish festival. As a kid, all of us (and adults) were over in the local field at the bonfire in celebration.
    Now its been ciminalised, its the local eh, scamps, build bonfires, no adult supervision and entirely different atmosphere.

  5. Frenchfarmer

    There’s at least two there that you can reclaim a deposit on and over here that would be about 30Euros and the rest would fetch 2 to 3 euros at the pallet yard as fixer uppers.
    The majority have toxic products soaked into them yet people think it is cool to add tyres then burn all that !!!!!!
    Burning tyres is illegal everywhere.
    Burning pallets is burning money.
    Try that anywhere else and you are nicked and rightly so.

    1. Lush

      Most pallets are heat-treated now, as opposed to fumigated – here in France anyway.
      As for the tyres, yes, that is not nice and you can’t toast your marshmallows on them either.

    1. Frenchfarmer

      If I had that many mates and that many pallets there would be a maze with a tower in the middle and bridges etc and a nice fore at the end from the cheap crap one way only ones.

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