Stranded In Krakow



This morning.

Krakow International Airport, Poland.

Martin C writes:

Ryanair’s new classy image is just a pile of marketing cock….
I figured it was a good idea to take the kids on a break to see Auschwitz/Birkenau for a couple of days but we’re stranded in Krakow airport now, day number 2 due to freezing fog nothing leaving or landing (I only know that because of flightradar24 when I get the odd sliver of wifi) and it’s all stacking up however Ryanair have NO STAFF on the ground, ZERO ASSISTANCE, chaos…upset kids, angry adults and the airport have stupidly kept cramming people into the airside gate area like cattle knowing full well nothing is happening (the flight boards have the flights up but with bullsh*t times, you can see some flights circling now for over an hour with flightradar24, others like mine haven’t even left their origin you liars) having use of a laptop and wifi is all fine and well for someone like me but there’s a lot of older people in the frame that are not internet savvy, trying to help them out I’m becoming some sort of a mini-travel agent…MICHAEL O’LEARY GET SOME FUPPING BUSSES ORGANISED NOW TO TAKE US TO BERLIN OR SOME AIRPORT THAT YOU CAN LAND YOUR PLANES INTO TO GET US OUT OF HERE AND HOME. PLEASE.


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72 thoughts on “Stranded In Krakow

        1. Tom Stewart


          “Weepy weepy comment, that’s so terrible, hope it gets sorted soon and that you’re all ok hun, Xxxxxxx”

          Better? Not that my original comment nor that second one will make the slightest bit of difference to the situation.

          1. Tom Stewart

            I stand by my original comment. If you fly Ryanair, you do so to save a few bob. But you take the risk that if anything goes wrong, you’re on your own. They went Ryanair, and unfortunately, things went wrong.

          2. Nigel

            Treating people who complain about poor services as if they’re fools who get what they deserve is surely going to make everything better.

          3. Tom Stewart

            People should of course complain about poor service. I’m not discouraging OP from complaining about receiving it from Ryanair. I’m just outlining the cynical reality:

            The word Ryanair makes people cringe Europe-wide. Yet people continue to use them. These people know of their reputation and yet take the gamble anyway. I think that that’s a sad but interesting situation and I commented on it.

  1. James

    I’m confused. If your bus was delayed due to ice on the road, would you expect them to carry you to the next not-frozen bus stop?

    1. inotherwords

      Absolutely right mani, once you’ve been to auschwitz you lose your right to ever complain about poor service again.

      What’s that you say? The government is corrupt and mis-managing the country – well at least they aren’t nazis etc.

      Shower of begrudgers on here this morning, think most of us have probably been in a similarly frustrating situation, so we should all know that proper communication to passengers about what’s happening and the length of the expected delay can make it a lot easier to make alternative plans etc

      1. Mikeyfex

        Sooo, you’re saying Mani’s not to be taken seriously and everything else should always be taken too seriously?

        Noted, thanks.

      2. Casey

        OMG, you mean that compared to something else completely unrelated, everyone should always shut up and not complain about something else?

        Well if we did that we would be walked over by everyone….
        the politicians
        the guards
        the banks
        big corporations
        small businesses
        public services
        public bodies

        Imagine how FECKED we would be as a country if er allowed that to happen. Ohhh……

    2. Nigel

      Hopefully that perspective being to kick up a godawful stink when blind officialdom lets you down. Because the message of Auschwitz was most certainly not ‘shut up about it and maybe it’ll turn out all right.’

          1. seany_delight

            Ha…. EU and all, but I still lol’d.

            Also, blaming weather on anyone or any organisation / company is a bit poo.

    1. Janet

      Who ever would have thought a trip with Ryanair could end badly ? Cringing for the context of this fellas rant.

      1. Sam

        Yeah, he should see if there’s any bottles of cop-on in the duty free. He might learn some interesting new phrases.

  2. JunkFace

    Ryanair are famous for this kind of abandonment. I once used them for a winter skiing trip to Italy, again freezing fog, no flights for 6 hrs. When flights did resume, they told us to F*** off as they were overbooked, we would have to wait until the next day. We had to go to work next day, so we booked an Aer Lingus flight out of there.

    Never fly Ryanair to a ski/wintery trip, they leave you in the sh1t! No staff on the ground, and they don’t give a damn

  3. Soundings

    “upset kids, angry adults and the airport have stupidly kept cramming people into the airside gate area like cattle knowing full well nothing is happening”

    Is there no Oskar Schindler there to direct a hose at them, so at least they wouldn’t die of thirst.

  4. Nikkeboentje

    You should contact Ryanair by Twitter, @Ryanair
    I have always found the people manning this service to be very responsive and good knowledge of what’s going on.

  5. Sam

    Travelling used to be considered an adventure… you can’t take all the risk and unpredictables out of it.
    I’m not a huge fan of Ryanair, but amongst all the things I blame them for, weather isn’t one of them.

    This guy’s flights are delayed by a few hours, and he wants Ryanair to take him by bus to Berlin (which is about a 600 km trip) rather than wait for the weather to clear.

    Go read a few accident reports about aircraft coming a cropper in bad weather and then be thankful that people didn’t let the flights come and go just to suit your travel plans.

      1. Sam

        I don’t like it either. I’ve missed flights and had delays etc. One of the reasons I’ll often chip the extra few quid in for travel insurance if I’m going someplace with limited flights or unpredictable weather.

        Ryanair didn’t cause the fog, nor can they do anything about it.

      1. Sam

        Aye, I’d missed that actually. I retract my remarks then. He would have been as well getting up to Lodz or Wroclaw…

  6. Roj

    Next time maybe consider bringing your kids to Eurodisney instead of Auschwitz. This is clearly God punishing you for punishing your kids.

  7. Shane

    I was stranded in Krakow on Sunday night, saw that the next flight outta there was Tuesday so got a bus to Wrocklow and flew out of there on Monday afternoon, cost me an extra 200 lids but had to get back for work. Might be an option if you’re still stranded.

    I feel your pain though, the airport was chaos and nobody around to give any advice.

  8. Dublin Hussy

    Wow, what a shower of miserable small-minded ****s are commenting on this post.

    The man is angry because and airline and an airport have not made contingency plans to look after stranded passengers among which were very old and very young people. Someone actually thinking of someone else and asking a company to live up to their duty of care? Shoot him! He is not one of us!!

    You are probably the same fuppers who complain when Dublin grinds to a standstill because of an inch of snow;
    “I was trapped across work from town out pf reach of the computer that I snipe at people from and my bottle of Aldi whiskey that I sip from in order to further energise my arse-spreading lazy minded reactionary bullcr@p — ooooh the inhumanity”

      1. Dublin Hussy

        Ah shure, Rob G. Shure you are completely rioght. I mean that is the only explanation isn’t it.

        That the Martin of the story must be posting under an alias to point out that the majority of people commenting on this story are a shower of arses with the intellectual breath of an atom. (without the complexity…. obvs)

        I mean it couldn’t be that I am right and there is a race to the bottom with the comments on this thread. I mean God forbid that we expect a business to have a contingency plan in place to look after people in the case of adverse weather. How would we reasonably expect a company that provides a SERVICE to the PUBLIC to look after them when things go wrong. Jaysus, that would be like expecting Irish water to fix all the leaks #YerKnowWhaOiMean ;)

        Shure, I bet you don’t even change the blankets in your house when the weather gets colder, great man that you are.

  9. deliverancecountry

    Yooz are all quare funny ; )
    Seriously though, could you change your travel arrangements and claim on your insurance?

  10. Rumpleforeskin

    I was one of those people trapped there on Sunday too but we rented a coach to take us to Warsaw after Ryanair told us that there was no way we were getting out until Thursday at the earliest. I can confirm that there was a severe lack of staff in the airport with one disinterested young lad very slowly dealing with a queue over well over 300 people. It wasn’t moving and that was 4 hours after we had been waiting there. Ryanair put on a coach for some of the earlier passengers who were delayed but they did nothing for us that evening, despite it being a legal requirement. We ended up trying to find a hotel for the night and organising our own coach to Warsaw and eventually managed to get out. I genuinely pity the poor people still trapped there as more flights were delayed again this morning.

  11. Sheffers

    It’s not his fault the planes can’t fly, you’re a grown up you don’t need anyone holding your hand out there. It’s just business

    1. Kieran NYC

      The point is that there are EU regulations about delayed flights and duty of care – which Ryanair appear not to be following.

  12. Fergus the magic postman

    So to paraphrase:

    Martin C: Myself & the kids are stranded in an airport for the second day with nobody to tell us what’s going on.

    Broadsheet comments: lol. Serves your right. Screw you.

  13. Mr. T.

    “a good idea to take the kids on a break to see Auschwitz/Birkenau”

    Ah ha ha. This guy sounds like a total cock. An internet savvy cock with massively inflated self importance.

    1. DD

      He can’t be that savvy if he believed that Broadsheet would provide the answer to his unbearable predicament.

      Won’t somebody think of the children (sytematically murdered at Auschwitz)?

  14. martco

    thanks to some faulty editing of the original email sent in this case (the first bit was left out) yez all went off commenting on something else completely (that their shiny new “new leaf” image is just a pile of marketing)
    it doesn’t matter really but it was interesting to see the reactions to what BS posted all the same

    for the record Ryanair did none of the things listed as requirements in this situation, none
    and I mean things like giving out water
    lots of kids and old people left to their own devices

    I’ll leave you experts to it


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