Former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan, top, and PULSE records showing his penalty points for speeding terminated

In April 2013 Irish Independent journalist Gemma O’Doherty broke the story of how former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan had penalty points for speeding quashed. Ms O’Doherty lost her job soon after.

Further to this, Sinn Féin TD Padraig MacLochlainn addressed Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald in the Dáil last week about ‘new developments’ concerning Mr Callinan’s penalty points being quashed.

Mr MacLochlainn spoke about these developments during the second stage debate on the Garda Síochána (Amendment) (No.3) Bill 2014.

“Consider the issue of accountability concerning questions. It has been brought to my attention by journalist Gemma O’Doherty in recent days that she has reported that former Garda Commissioner Mr. Martin Callinan had penalty points for speeding terminated. He confirmed this in an article in the Irish Independent. Ms O’Doherty asserts she was fired a number of weeks after that story was published, and she is taking a number of legal cases in regard to that.”

She has advised me she has come into possession of new information. On that basis, she submitted a number of questions to the Acting Garda Commissioner, which the latter has refused to answer, as is evident from the e-mail. The questions, which Ms O’Doherty sent to the Minister also, are as follows.”

“What was the basis for the termination of Mr. Callinan’s speeding fine? There was no indication of the reason on the PULSE printout.
Why was Mr. Callinan not using an official Garda car on the day he was caught speeding given that he was on official Garda business?
Did he drive to work on the day he incurred his speeding ticket?
What time did he start work that day?
Was the meeting he was speeding to pre-planned?
Was this meeting recorded in his diary? Was he aware of this meeting?
Was anyone with Mr. Callanan in his car when he was caught speeding?
Was a written report made of his meeting? At what time did the meeting begin and end? What was the location of the meeting? Did Mr. Callanan return to Garda headquarters after the meeting? Did he claim mileage or subsistence allowance for the day in question? Were there any other occasions on which Mr. Callanan used his private car for Garda business?”

“All of these questions are now on the record of the Dáil. Since the Acting Garda Commissioner has not provided the information, I ask that the Minister provide it. It is a very serious matter and there is considerable public interest in it. I hope the Minister can obtain the answers to the questions that the Acting Garda Commissioner has refused to give.”

Ms Fitzgerald did not respond.

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Objection Overruled

Commissioner had penalty points erased while on duty (Gemma O’Doherty, Irish Independent, April 19, 2013)

Transcript via Kildare Street

Photocall Ireland

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31 thoughts on “Not So Fast

  1. Delacaravanio

    A a green Renault Megane? You’d think with the money we were paying him he’d at least stretch to a Golf.

  2. Ger

    And, traffic cops are still to this day being asked by colleagues to try and “sort something out” for them in relation to tickets….

  3. Soundings

    Such a champion of law and order, Padraig Mac Lochlainn. Maybe, he could ask Der Uachtarann where abusers had been expelled to (Donegal apparently, Padraig’s home turf), if they’ve been reported to the authorities and find out if they’ve re-offended.

        1. jungleman

          I have no affiliation with any party and would never vote for SF. But you are bringing up an irrelevant issue to this thread. So please feel free to change the record.

  4. Zubeneschamali

    What is the implication of that particular list of questions?

    What I get is a broad hint that Callinan was not on official business, and the “meeting” was an after-the-fact makey-uppey one.

    1. Mick

      Yeah, they´re basically impossible to answer questions without fully admitting that the Gardai are a corrupt bunch

    2. Delacaravanio

      You wouldn’t be suggesting that the commissioner was lying now, would you?

      Because that would be a resigning matt…oh, wait.

  5. Soundings

    The incident date was July 2007 but the car was only purchased in 2008?

    And Martin Callinan’s gender is “unknown” (wha, even with that moustache)

    The spirit of Clouseau lives on!

      1. Soundings

        Under company name, right hand side, first printout. The tax stuff is in the left hand column. Why would purchase date of tax be relevant, surely just expiry is all they’re interested in.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    It was HIS force after all like. According to himself anyhoo…. probably because he crawled so far up his own arse it felt like it was his…. that’s just me speculating tho…. I can’t imagine him being that bendy in fairness and his head can barely support his ego so it’s probably not likely, but sure, with a ronnie like that who knows what could happen if he tried.

  7. anomanomanom

    Jesus people just get over it. Has no one done their work colleagues a favour, yes i know in this case its completely wrong and illegal, but it happens. We all know the gardai let each other off. Perk of the job.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      It’s hattitude like that which lead to the practice becoming epidemic and losing millions in fines ya muppet.

      And when ‘favours’ like this are only done for ‘friends’ in particular circles it’s just corruptioon plain and simple… but ara, sure, hai, ’tis nuttin’ like.

      No. It is somethin’ like, and should be stopped and those caught, named and shamed because it is the only recompense they’ll get for BREAKING THE LAW.

        1. anomanomanom

          I agree, but are you really naive enough to think its going to stop. When its top to bottom in any organization it will never stop. And even if you don’t like, you have to face facts. Like i said perk of the job.

        2. Just Joe

          Hi this is Joe.
          Formerly known as Joe Soaps.
          Since the water charges, I have dropped the soap.
          Can’t afford it any more.

  8. T-bomb

    Credit of course to d lad who uploaded the printouts from d Garda computers ensuring he wiped out all traceable data but didn’t actually rub them all out, they left d notepad number left on first page. Tut tut

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