17 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    I’ve been in there, but purely to go to Cafe Joly. It’s a very nice place and they do lovely sangers and souuuuuuuuuuuuup.
    Tip from the top, ladeez n gents.

  2. Tim Bucktoo

    Yup I’d say I account for at least 10 of those visits if they are including those going to the excellent Cafe. Still it’s good to see numbers up all round.

    1. James M

      You say that like it’s a bad thing. I for one am glad to live in a country where at public money is spent on services for the people.

  3. Ms Piggy

    And yet their budget gets cut, their future is under serious threat and staff morale is understandably low. I’m an academic who depends upon this wonderful national treasure for my research, and I can’t believe how badly it’s treated by our anti-intellectual, can-you-eat-it governments, year after year.

  4. James M

    Libraries are one of the dwindling number of public spaces you can go for research or recreation where you aren’t bombarded with advertising. More than books, they give you silence and mental space; something you don’t get on the internet. Worth every penny.

  5. Werner Gouethaerts

    Overpaid librarians trying to justify themselves. Did they add in any statistical nuggets relating to how many Jobbridge candidates they take in to scan and put away books?

    1. NICE Anne

      Ah look. A case of raging jealousy squatting in just before the midday mark. Shhhh now darling, better brains than yours are engaged in appriciation of a valuble national resource. Go back to txt-spking with your homies or whatever it is that grunting *Neanderthals do.

      *No offence to Neanderthals.

      1. Werner Gouethaerts

        Looks like I struck a nerve. Implying I use text speak and use of the ‘sshhh’ word? Methinks a librarian is present. By the way, you may be lathered up because someone slighted your cushy existence but the idea that your job inspires ‘raging jealousy’ is laughable. Yes Mommy, I would like to be a librarian when I grow up. Not an astronaut or rockstar or movie director. A librarian. “Appriciation of a valuble national resource.” Perhaps you are txt-speaking? Or are you a neanderthal too?

        1. Eliot Rosewater

          Probably less striking a nerve than a reaction to a fantastically uninformed post. How overpaid are the librarians? How many jobbridgers do they employ? Anyway, it’s a wonderful resource in a beautiful environment with some wonderful staff (and not just the librarians). And judging how much of a draw it is for American tourists researching their ancestry, it certainly pays back some of the money pumped in to it.

          1. Werner Gouethaerts

            If my post was uninformed, the response from Nice Anne was uninformed, nonsensical and hyperbolic in a baffling way. I found it amusing that Anne, whose opinion that my post was uncalled for I don’t share, chose to respond with a mini psychological evaluation which fleshed out: a burning jealousy of librarians on my part; propensity towards using text-speak, despite not having used any text-speak in the one piece of writing the armchair psychologist had to go on; and a firm conclusion that this author is subhuman. All this in a response with spelling mistakes and a mild hint of a sexist sprinkling with the use of ‘darling.’ I think it’s obvious that this is not a rational response to a suggestion that librarians are overpaid.

            I salute your example of an intelligent response. I would like to see the statistics concerning use of Jobbridge candidates to compare with the anecdotal evidence I have heard.

          2. Eliot Rosewater

            Well from my time researching there (for the private sector, so another cost benefit type thing) there were a few ‘volunteers’ (short term, for library experience) but that stopped after a while and have never seen the nli advertising for jobbridgers (which would make sense if they are outsourcing short term contracts to cataloging firms). The top paid people in the nli wouldn’t even be librarians, usually people headhunted from the private sector, most of the front desk librarians/cataloguers wouldn’t be on huge money. But I guess that’s all relative

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