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You made a scene.

Banker turned graphics geek, Aimée Stewart of Infographic Natives puts a visual to the 13000 articles published across 3600 publications in 99 countries.

Aimée writes:

Ireland voted yes and the world was listening. Here’s an infographic visualising the conversation…

Infographic Natives



Gerard McCarthy writes:

You might like to add this. Constituencies scaled to electorate….


‘The Truth About The Iona Institute’

A somewhat imbalanced (in fairness) Iona Institute infographic by ‘AL’.

He writes:

There’s a lot of information out there [alleging] how deceitful Iona ‘Institute’ are. So much so that it can get confusing. Which was why I spent a lot of today compiling it all in one infographic.

*The Breda O’Brien quote is out of context. We offer the directors of Iona Institute a right of reply should they wish. Anytime.  Your own infographic even.. Look, we have no money.


Get your laughing gear around that, lads.

You still have time to make The Designer.

Tom Melby, of Clippers Ireland, writes:

“To mark the 15th year of Movember I created this infographic. To date, 1.9 million men worldwide have donated their upper lips to help fundraise and raise awareness for Prostate Cancer while, globally, more than €215 million has been raised.

Clippers Ireland




Paul Murphy, of Murphy of Ireland writes:.

In this info-graphic you will learn about the origins of some of the most well-known Irish artifacts and how they are made. Many of the patterns and designs used in traditional Irish clothing and jewelry have hidden symbolism and can be traced to intriguing Irish stories and legends. I am sending this to you as I think that your readers might be interested. I hope you like it and if you have any feedback whatsoever, do let me know!