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  1. delta V

    Was the initial suppression of coverage by state media of growing protest marches due to government fear, not of climbdown on water tax, but that the citizenry were finally finding their collective voice, and losing the “ah shur, they’re all at, things’ll never change” attitude?
    Much like the blasphemy law, prevent dissent.
    Voltaire: to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

    1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?


      I think its the Irish Water employee bonus schemes
      The Ridiculous manpower numbers and year 2000 like employment contracts.
      The external consultants doing the same jobs
      The blatent FU blaguarding with awarding contracts with bottomless pits to SiteServing DoB, and the likes
      The Shoddy metering programme
      And even shoddier maintenance
      And general ‘Rody Molloyish FAS like’ ness about it all
      The lump sums and pensions and allowances that we’ll have to watch be handed out when whoever get found out. And then watch em stroll onta the next gig like they’re Phil Pogram….

      That’ll have *200 – 250k out today

      But urr what would I know

      * yep that’s right. I so expect the numbers to be twice as much as predicted

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