69 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bland

  1. Bacchus

    and that was the big announcement? These fuppers are the snackbox equivalent of a rock band. Fuppin’ chancers.

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    I wouldn’t have thought they were popular enough to fill Croker but then I had no idea there were so many Garth Brooks fans either.

          1. Caroline

            Ohhhh. I do now. I don’t do television I’m afraid. It might cause me to neglect my duties around here.

  3. Der

    They’re Irish and doing well for themselves so best of luck to them I say. I won’t be going but I’m sure fans who are going will have a lovely time.

    1. rotide

      I’d agree with that, I’m just astonished there are that many people that will go. They seem like a 2-night-in-the-point max kinda band.

        1. scottser

          a duck walks into a chemist and asks for lipstick. ‘that’ll be 5euro’ says the chemist. ‘stick it on my bill’ says the duck.

    2. Dan

      No, I’m sorry, they peddle nonsense. In the words of Bill Bailey;

      “There’s more evil in the charts than an Al Qaida suggestion box.”

      Kids actually listen to this sh!t, it has influence and it’s marketed on a grand scale. It’s morally reprehensible. Read his lyrics.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        What is morally reprehensible? The songs about love? Its awful but they are hardly biting the heads of bats

        1. Bacchus

          They are taking money out of the pockets of real bands. $hite rock is not a victimless crime. When bands like this are “successful” record companies will look for versions of them and little else.

          1. rotide

            This crap annoys me.

            There has ALWAYS been pop acts and manufactured acts and bland acts and it didnt stop any of the ‘credible’ acts of the past making it.

            They aren’t taking money out of the pockets of ‘real bands’. They are taking money out of the pockets of ‘unpopular’ bands.

          2. Bacchus

            No, they are taking money out of the pockets of unknown bands. Or the record company A&R accounts to be exact.

            “and it didnt stop any of the ‘credible’ acts of the past making it.” – how would you know?

          3. rotide

            You didn’t say ‘unknown’ bands, you said ‘real’ bands.

            That’s a very bad start for one of these discussions.

          4. rotide

            “and it didnt stop any of the ‘credible’ acts of the past making it.” – how would you know?

            There isn’t that many U2s that didn’t make it because of the Duran Durans of this world

          5. Bacchus

            Wow, how wrong can one muppet be? (assuming you’re not 100 monkeys). U2 are a prime and perfect example of a group that robbed original talented bands of contracts. Once they were signed every A&R man that landed in Dublin was looking for the “next U2” and nothing else. It meant bands that which couldn’t write songs but had a riff or two (Cactus World News, An Emotional Fish et al) gont short term contracts while other great bands were left playing The Baggot.

          6. rotide

            my hole.

            As much as i liked bands like Lir and Engine Alley, the reason they did not become worldwide megastars has nothing to do with the likes of An Emotional Fish and Something Happens

        2. rotide

          Feel free to clarify what you did say. Paying special attention to the part that you implied U2 were Unoriginal and not talented.

          1. rotide

            Ah, Nothing mixes condescion better than music snobbery!

            Perhaps fortunatly for the rest of us , ‘Bacchus’ Opinion’ is not a worldwide viable metric for talent divination.

            When you work out what the second word in the Music Business means, we’ll chat again.

  4. Gdo

    Yet more bland… Why can’t an actual talented Irish musician make it big!? There are plenty! Well, actually Hozier is doing pretty well… but not croke park well.

          1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

            Ah yeah. Some shitty contagious killer disease gets a Cap. And no F for me

            This is how it starts Mandi

            Anyeayzw. I’v more lumps on me arse than lidlittybittyspots these days..

  5. Columbo's Missus

    There are that many script fans? There are that many script sings to fill a set?
    I’d close my curtains if they were playing in my back garden.

  6. hello you!

    the guy with the beard to the left of the photo looks shocked at this amazing announcement… a one-night gig you say… just one night? are you sure? could they play two? a two-night gig?

  7. Speakeasy

    They just have such a commercial sound… As in literally the music that would accompany something like a car commercial. Why anyone would want to go and sit through multiple adverts … I mean tracks… Is beyond me.

  8. Clampers Outside!

    The Script play in Ireland a lot, have no problem selling out either five nights in a row in The Olympia or 2 nights in a row in The Pointy thing-name-change place.

    I’m no fan neither, but I’m not under 25 (or younger), nor female (or creepy… I swear!) :)

  9. Boba Fettucine

    The Script, Kodaline and Hozier on one bill. Je. Sus.

    The Irish public really have a lot to answer for acting as a petri dish for the most turgid MOR drivel imaginable. See also: Villagers, David Gray and Rodriga & Gabrielo (yes, I know the last two examples aren’t Irish, but they are so dire they had to come here to get a foothold).

  10. JunkFace

    This band epitomize how sh1t the modern Rock/Pop scene is. THEY ARE AWFUL! The melodies are sickly plain and formulaic, their lyrics are retarded. It doesn’t matter if they are Irish and they sell a lot. They’re an embarassment to Ireland.


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