Nice Stamp Collection, Bro



Words upon metal.



Tara Robinson writes:

“I am a [Limerick-based] qualified Interior Architect but turned full time mammy just over two years ago. I have always had an interest in jewellery making and design which led me to recently discover metal stamping. Since taking up stamping I have ventured outside of the box of just jewellery making and now enjoy making all sorts of Stamped metal items .
I have been working on a range of stamped Christmas tree decorations which i think would be an ideal candidate for your ‘Irish-made stocking filler’ feature. These can be personalised with any wording required provided that it fits on the piece. If you wish to see more of my work or would like an order to be delivered they can check out my Facebook (below). Thank you

Tara Robinson Designs (Facebook)

Irish-Made stocking fillers to marked irish-Made Stocking Fillers. No fee just nuzzles.

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7 thoughts on “Nice Stamp Collection, Bro

  1. Cinquecento

    I can only find an Australian based Tara Robinson Designs on Facebook. Any chance of a better link? I really like the bookmark.

  2. Tara Robinson

    Sorry Guys, i was up loading pictures to my Albums.
    Thanks a million for the feature.
    Happy browsing xx

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