18 thoughts on “The Uber Cab Is Here

    1. max

      Not according to their webite….

      You’ll need a clean driving record and have to be good with people and have a car that is newer than 7 years old. We are looking for saloons and hybrids to come and join us.

      It’s not required, but if you have previous employment experience as a taxi driver, cab driver, delivery driver, truck driver, courier, customer service, chauffeur, professional driver, or driving with another ridesharing, class c driver, bus driver, minicab driver, SPSV or transportation company, that’s a plus.

      Ability to Molest Drunk Girls a Bonus

        1. Caroline

          In fairness, nearly everyone has that ability. I have it too, according to sealed court documents.

  1. Mr. T.

    There won’t be a fight. Our taxi service is so deregulated already that this won’t make a difference. If anything, this will be welcomed by drivers. They like the accountability of these apps as much as passengers do.

    I assume this isn’t available to Hackneys as they specifically say Taxi Drivers which is a different license.

  2. Tim Bucktoo

    Über won’t make taxi drivers redundant but it ought make taxi regulators redundant soon. I can’t think of any role the regulator plays that is not more efficiently done by the company and the consumer through the App – predictability, efficiency, convenience, safety, accountability, lost property retrieval, vehicle quality control, driver assessment, expenses tracking…

    1. Jay

      Yup, but self driving cars will do eventually. The days of the taxi driver are coming to an end.

      Been using Uber for a while, so cheap. It’s great.

  3. rotide

    This might be a stupid question, but whats the difference between Hailo and Uber?

    Uber’s drivers are unregulated?

    1. Mikeyfex

      It’s not a stupid question. I’m saying this now before someone replies and tries to make out that you’re an idiot for not knowing something that they do know.

      1. Kieran NYC

        As far as I know… Hailo directs you to an available normal taxi. The driver does their usual pick-ups, taxi rank, etc and uses Hailo if they’re free and available.

        Uber can be any (qualified as per the comment above) regular person who wants to earn a few bob for a while using their normal car. They’re available through the app only. I’ve used them a lot here and can be up to half the price of cabs.

        If I’m wrong on any of the above… YOU’RE ALL FG SHILLS WHO ROB BIKES!

  4. Boba Fettucine

    Just downloaded the app / set up account and all that jazz and every time I open it it just closes after about 30 seconds of finding my location.

    Hailo one still works. Maybe this is the difference?

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