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Can you help Irish Daily Mail columnist Philip Nolan – who won the award for Columnist of the Year in the popular newspapers category at yesterday’s Journalism Awards – find his award?


Yesterday: The Big Short


Cara writes:

Very strange. Booked a Hailo this morning just before 9am. The taxi that responded was on the North Circular Road yet Hailo told me he would arrive in Sandymount [Dublin 4] in five minutes. Maybe I got an upgrade to a helicopter? I actually didn’t notice until the very nice taxi driver rang and said he would be 30-40 minutes. I cancelled.


img_7_1441673503_90c19d88a4c7ee619cd629522d38629a img_12_1441673503_b9392bbd8ef255db12ec583f58026f5c img_10_1441673503_22d1fabf41a3148885b16430105ae0dc img_9_1441673503_1632104711dbbde9540d5a7ce6b46528RearGunCapsuleEmergencyCapsule02Jet_Capsule_Angel_op_800x436img_6_1441673503_62609e0debe6c7a24783d451916ed61d

Behold the adorable, aquatic-bumper-car-looking Jet Capsule waterboat, assembled at the renowned Fiart Mare shipyard in Naples.

Taxi, limousine, private runabout, corporate transport, supervillain island shuttle: the boat is available in multiple configurations with rear doors, photochromic windows, a  rooftop that transforms into a sundeck, ‘toilette’ room, rear/sub-cameras, private jet layout, air conditioning, heating and whatever you’re having yourself.