That Day Has Come




Also: Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams and Labour’s Joan Burton are tied as the most popular political party leaders in the country.

* Almost 1,000 adults were questioned for the poll, which was carried out between October 21 and October 31.

Sinn Fein the most popular party in Ireland – new poll reveals (Irish Independent)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

76 thoughts on “That Day Has Come

    1. dylad

      I for one am in favour of their anti- austerity policy. I am, however not too happy about their Protestant killing policy.

  1. Dhaughton99

    I’m sure Gerry will be arrested again during the week and questioned over some historical issue.

    1. Papertrail

      It just shows you how bad the rest of our political parties are if Sinn Fein are popular. Time after time another revelation appears about historical SF activities. They can’t blame the Maria Cahill story on their struggle for independence. They can’t hide behide the peace process on this one and yet Irish people rate them as the most popular political party. They have hid alleged rapists, moved them down South and sent them into our communities, yet they’re voted the most popular party. I am ashamed to be Irish tonight.

  2. Jim Computer

    I know what you’re saying, Sinn Féin can promise us the moon and the stars while they AREN’T in government, but this shitty, subservient and totally inadequate ‘government’ we have needs a good kick up the hole.
    Hang on, I have chips on the go.

    1. ahjayzis

      I’m with you on the government. And I have a soft spot for Mary Lou when she’s not prevaricating on murderers rapists.

      But I’m pretty sure I said the exact same things as you are now about Labour in late 2010…

      I don’t think Sinn Fein are the answer, they’re the only alternative for a bereft electorate alright, but I don’t think they’re the long term answer.

      With any luck the parties will continue to fracture, some frankenstein government of the remnants is formed, we also elect a shitload of independents, who will then form a party(s) (because you need to be elected to get £££’s for it) and go from there.

      Adams’ can’t be Taoiseach though. He just can’t. Whatever about the incompetent in there now or the ones before, he can’t be our leader after the things he’s done / not done.

        1. munkifisht

          Anyone. I don’t mean that in a condescending way, but we do live in a democracy. It is in everyones power to stand for office if they are not happy with the status quo. Sinn Fein, Labour, Fine Geal and Fianna Fail were not made in the fires of mount doom, they will not be around forever and there will be parties after them. Who’s with me, we’ll form the Broadsheet party championing abortions for all and mandatory Cynade and Happiness cartoons.

  3. Kermit

    SF will be found out, they wont work all the miracles they promise. If it takes them be in government to find this out then so be it. Their past will catch up with them and their “economics” will be proved to be a bottler of smoke.

  4. Bob

    Sinn Fein as the biggest party? What is wrong with people? It’s a party whose senior members include murderers, apologists for murderers and protectors of child rapists. But people are prepared to overlook that and vote for them if they are promised a few bob off the water charges and a free flatscreen telly. FFS.

    Sinn Fein need to change their name to Me Fein. At least they could be honest about it. There’s a first time for everything.

      1. Jim Computer

        Lookit, I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here.
        -I’m saying Sinn Féin, and the only argument I get is ‘no Sinn Féin’.
        -It’s quite pathetic.

        There’s no alternative, baby.
        It’s gonna happen.
        I’m not looking forward to it at all, but it’s gonna happen.

    1. Zarathustra

      Apparently, SF were all over Twitter last night denouncing the Sindo’s poll, saying that no believes them as they’re not a true reflection of the electorate – until they heard the results – then, they changed their tune and started tweeting “Thánig ar Lá’.

  5. Jim Computer

    The ‘status quo’ parties, FG, FF, Lab will be well funded in our forthcoming elections, and NOT by people with our interests at heart.

    But this isn’t America.
    We aren’t that stupid and disintegrated, collectively, are we?

    Sinn Féin are everything they’ve been called, from murderers to apologists.
    -They’re STILL better than the liars and charlatans who came before them.
    They do one thing that nobody else ever did, and that’s why they’ll keep getting stronger:

    They listen.

    Deal with it.

  6. Jim Computer

    Think about it for a second, what do you think will kill you and ALL your loved ones first;…
    -The Austerity Program?
    – Something else?

    Answers on a postcard with jagged edges.
    Post them where they belong, and I hope it hurts.

  7. Drogg

    Seriously people f**k all of the party’s and vote independents. The party’s are all the same out for power before people’s well being.

  8. Jim Computer

    I’m with you Droog, but get real.
    We’re only gonna ever get more and more of the same forever until we break the cycle.

    My prediction for the next election is a Sinn Féin majority, but nobody else stupid enough to get into government with them. A hung Dáil, and the expense of a second election.

    It’s gonna be great craic.

  9. Eeejit

    Yes, let’s vote for all these single issue independents, a government of independents! Once they get the pylons and wind farms done away with they’ll surely have the right policies to put everything that’s wrong right. Sure I knew his father etc etc.

    1. Drogg

      There is more then just single issue independents. Look at the likes of Shane Ross and Stephan Donnelly. We can’t stop people voting for moron freemen of the land independents but some of the independents in the current dail have done well to highlight the nonsense that goes on in there, all we can hope for, is more quality candidates put themselves forward and we can move forward to a better political system in this country, even though in reality I know that is just a pipe dream.

      1. Sam

        I’d prefer more Clare Daly types to what’s on offer from any of the parties including the ‘please like us again’ Greens.
        For me the key thing isn’t who is in the Dáil, but how those on the outside behave.
        If they think things will be alright so long as ‘the right lads get in’ and then we can go back to sleep for 5 years, or at most, grumble and bear it, we’ll never have anything but a thin veneer of democracy.
        If on the other hand we have a country full of people with the guts to down tools, publicly shun politicians, and stick together, it doesn’t matter which shower is in the Dáil.

        1. Drogg

          I like Claire Daly too she seems no nonsense and willing to take the crap the parties in power throw at her to get her point across, the only thing i don’t like is how close she is to that tax dodger wallace. But you are right about the greens, i really worry about them, i though sinn fein had some crazy polices but then i seen some of the things the greens have suggested over the years and have understood what proper crazy is. Did you know they once wanted all lights removed from framing equipment and that farmers working in the fields at nighttime should use night vision googles because they said the lights attracted bugs and if there was no lights on farming equipment that it would decrease the use of pesticides, which is total bollox.

      2. Mick Flavin

        Would you not be a bit worried about Lucinda Creighton’s courting of Donnelly, Drogg? I get the impression that he (along with Ross) would be a more natural bedfellow of the centre-right than the leftist independents. (Not trolling you here, it’s just you’re left of the spectrum iirc…apologies if not…)

        1. Drogg

          I did worry about that, but having met him he seem like a fairly smart guy who sticks to his guns. Also he is probably the best qualified person in the Dail to be in a political financial position and from what i know of him he believes we are better to invest and grow the economy and entrepreneurs, then to cut back on our all services and put higher taxes on people creating jobs.

          1. Mick Flavin

            Yes, I like him myself, Drogg. I would find it hard to stomach him being officially linked to any Lucinda Creighton venture. I don’t trust Shane Ross either.

  10. mauriac

    disturbing that the most popular party in ireland has strong fascist tendencies.just look at how their candidates are selected.its all top down.the councillors in Dublin are mere automatons and take direct orders from a gunman in the public gallery..

    1. Mick Flavin

      I think you’re overcooking it a little there, but I have heard that about directive notes being passed to their councillors in the chamber.

      1. mauriac

        could Enda Kenny or any other normal leader survive as close an ,”association ” ,with pedophiles,rapists and murderers as Gerry Adams ? the weakness of overly corporate parties is over reliance on the leader.

        1. bisted

          …Enda and his party does their share of cosying up to the institution where rapists and pedophiles have been – and continue to be – protected. The reverend fathers, brothers and sisters appear to have a case to answer on the deaths of huge numbers in their ‘care’.

  11. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    For anyone who thinks those numbers are soft.
    Think again.

    And consider what they might look like with Pearse O’Doherty and Chris Andrews as Leader/ Deputy.

    And no matter what way you spin it and no matter how long this government lasts. One thing is certain. Fine Gael and Labour will not have a majority after the next general. Or even anything close to one.

      1. Drogg

        Chris Andrews is such a joke he was one of the people who thought FF should introduce water charges then yesterday he was speaking for SF saying that water charges are disgraceful. I am not a fan of SF and their nonsense populist economic strategies and their unscientific beliefs i.e. how water fluoridation is killing us all but i do like Mary Lou I wish she’d just move away from the SF crap and go out on her own.

          1. Mick Flavin

            Sorry, that was a ridiculous reply. It’s just I can’t see her going out on her own. She has thrown her lot in with SF for better or worse.

          2. Drogg

            Oh I know, it’s such a pity though cause I do so much enjoy when people have to explain overspending to her on committees it’s the best bit from political proceedings.

  12. Al

    What I find remarkable about that poll is that 20% of those questioned still support FF. They are the idiots that got us into the mess we are in. FG are just as bad, don’t get me wrong. It just shows how there is a real lack of credible political parties for us to choose from.

  13. isintheair_

    Bad news for most of the staff, their friends in Labour are going to be destroyed.
    7% is maybe 4, 5, 6 or 7 seats. I’ll be surprised if they win more than 10.

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