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Bobby Ahern from No Monster Club writes:

I just brought out a book with New Island, entitled ‘D’You Remember Yer Man?’ I’m attaching two pictures from the launch – one of the actual key that Bang Bang used (top) to shoot thousands of Dubliners, and one of myself (left) with Ruan van Vliet (who illustrated the book) & Aidan Walsh (centre), aka The Master of the Universe (one of only three living people who feature in the book). The book is available from all good bookshops in Ireland, and also available online from New Island Books, Amazon, The Book Depository, etc.

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7 thoughts on “Bang Bang: The Buke

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Given that most of these characters had lives of hardship and limited means, I assume the proceeds are going to a charity yes?

  2. Bobby Aherne

    The book contains an extremely wide range of weird and wonderful people, and not all of them were mentally ill or had issues. Those who did are never written about in a snide or disrespectful way. Some of the people had silly nicknames – but they were names which were bestowed upon them by their community at the time. You can’t edit history… and the book never actually laughs at these people, as you’re suggesting. Instead it simply documents a curious local phenomenon, and celebrates the lives of some well-remembered human beings.

    Here’s an interesting article about Johnny Fortycoats, who was a homeless beggar:

    As you can see, he was a ‘knight of the road’ by choice, and reveled in being a local ‘character’, even preferring his nickname to his real name. From a personal P.O.V., I know exactly how delighted Aidan Walsh was to be included in the book. He went away from the launch with extra copies, excited to share them with his friends.

    And before signing off, I’d like to direct anybody offended by my little celebration of idiosyncrasy towards this article:


    1. Kieran NYC

      Fair play.

      *stage whisper* Good luck with the book!

      And you missed at button at the bottom of your shirt :P

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