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Behold: one of the most famous of many pictures taken during the Apollo 11 moon landing in the summer of ’69 – a shot of Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong. Also in reverse. To wit:

The original image (top pic) captured not only the magnificent desolation of an unfamiliar world, but Armstrong himself reflected in Aldrin’s curved visor. Enter modern digital technology. In the featured image (pic 2), the spherical distortion from Aldrin’s helmet has been reversed. The result is the famous picture — but now featuring Armstrong himself from Aldrin’s perspective. Even so, since Armstrong took the picture, the image is effectively a five-decade old lunar selfie. The original visor reflection is shown on the left, while Earth hangs in the lunar sky on the upper right. A foil-wrapped leg of the Eagle lander is prominently visible. Preparations to return humans to the Moon in the next few years include the Artemis program, an international collaboration led by NASA.

Any excuse.

(Image: NASA, Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong; Processing: Michael Ranger)


Rob Cross tweetz:

My colourised 1900c Robert French photo featuring the old Claddagh Bridge which linked the Fish Market and the Claddagh in #Galway City. The bridge was constructed in 1887 and replaced by the Wolfe Tone bridge in 1934.

The old Claddagh Bridge washing line.