For Your Consideration: Out Of Here


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A new Irish film about college drop-out Ciaran, who has come home to Dublin after a year of travelling.

Written and directed by Donal Foreman.

In the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar, Dublin 2, from this Friday.

Out Of Here (IFI)

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11 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Out Of Here

    1. Mick Flavin

      Your ex is presumably a human woman whose nudey business you’ve probably seen. You’re planning on topping up said bank with the promises made by another lady’s voice? That’s a strange one…

      1. Mani

        Clearly his Wank Bank operates on the same basis as an Oyster or Leap card. He has to keep on topping it up or he’ll end up grabbing his penis with a confused vacant look on his face.

        1. epson aculaser c100

          its pretty cool, i just installed a Google tv app framework on it, kinda like net flicks,ye just flick through…seen it…seen it…seen it….you know the score.
          Found meself browsing the classics section last week …came across that neighbor I caught a glimpse of topless back in the 80’s…then I remembered I saw her down supervalu last week and her grannysmiths are now down to her knees, so deleted that….hence the current free space

        2. Mick Flavin

          Everyone was affected by the recession differently.
          I got a 2006 Wank Bank image of a comely maiden. Needless to say, the image no longer suits my needs, but being deeply in negative equity, I’m stuck with it.
          Grumblegrumble…Where’s my bail-out…?

        3. ahyeah

          Was not aware of the dire consequences of letting Leap card credit becoming nil. I naively assumed inability to travel would be the extent of it. Thanks Mani.

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