Enda Kenny this morning

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was questioned by journalists on his way into a Cabinet meeting this morning about Irish Water.

It followed reports in de papers that the Government is considering introducing a cap of around €300 for water charges for families with adult children – €124 below the €424 charge set to be imposed on those who fail to register for the utility.

From the ‘doorstepping’.

Unidentified journalist: Páraic Gallagher: “Sorry, Taoiseach, you keep saying clarity and confidence for people. Many people say they just won’t pay this. Would the Government consider getting Revenue involved and forcing people to pay?”

Enda Kenny: “The Government will obviously make its decision, a statement, next week. So it’s a case of having listened very carefully to people, having acknowledged that things were not done in our case as the way they should have been.”

VIDEO: Enda Kenny – Government will make a statement to restore clarity and confidence (Newstalk)

Thanks Ruairi Carroll

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19 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    So the Nov 30th deadline must also shift. Yet water charges are still in place since October 1st and first bills due in January. If they need to rethink the charges I would expect it is fair practice to suspend and amend those three critical milestones.

  2. MUlch

    There was a mention today that they plan to use Revenue to collect it from now on. If they go this path, I have real reservations about whether they will make it to the next election.

  3. DD

    “So it’s a case of having listened very carefully to people, having acknowledged that things were not done in our case as the way they should have been”.

    How should they have been done tough guy?

  4. cousinjack

    Its not just about the cost, its also about the incompetence and cronyism – that won’t go away – using Revenue to force payment will simply compound this.

    Heading for FG & Lab wipe out in urban areas next GE – working families votes gone for good

  5. jimbob

    What a pile of sh1te. The choreographed apology along with the connivance of the print media (and RTE & TV3) are representing that the protests main contention was that Irish Water made a balls of the set up etc (they didn’t, set up went pretty much to plan) and that privatisation is a huge worry. Ergo, we’ll move the debate over to these two issues concede on them and you’ll still pay! We already pay for our water, the problem is that every county council in the country expanded personnel greatly during the good years. It cannot now be paid for by development levees, farming out the water end of the operation on a fee based model avoids any unnecessary rationalisation in the county councils – hence Jack O’Connors fondness for irish water.

    Long and short, we pay for water already, and that is the only issue

  6. ollie

    irish water: most expensive tarrifs in Europe. 50% overstaffed compared to European average, salaries at 25-30% above European average.
    quango city!!

    1. Steve

      The bonuses / generous staff perks can’t be condoned , but ollie you are aware that the LA water staff operate under service level agreements with Irish Water, that transferred their numbers and remuneration over to irish water in January. So who’s really to blame for the water system being over staffed / overpaid??? The LAs or IW??

      Hence why jack o Connor is being relatively quiet on this issue.

      1. Steve

        Clampers , for LA staff transferring into IW look at section 19 of the second water services act 2013. For LAs operating under service level agreements look at section 31 of same act.

  7. Mr. T.

    Revenue can only collect taxes. This is not a tax.

    But some people are so fupping busy watching X-Factor and Strictly Come Gobshiting that they won’t notice they’re being conned by their own government.

  8. Goosey Lucy

    “for that reason, the cost of distributing water to everyone is something that people deserve”
    How did no journo challenge that sheer muck?!?
    The protests should have been organised to happen outside the web summit

  9. Niallo

    Keep the pressure (no pun intended) up.
    Protests need to escalate in intensity and frequency.
    We need to remain focussed on the key issues at stake, and not allow the discussion be led into a cul de sac.
    The (leaky) infrastructure is already there and paid for, end of arguement.
    The LA workers were and could still maintain the system IF the money already alocated for that purpose wasnt being squandered.
    The LA’s and local government and the wider gov need to be made get their house in order, rather than crying to us looking for more smack… I mean money.
    The water “treatment” is laughable, that needs investment, yes.
    Only the other day i seen a river of excrement running down the marsh road in drogheda from the “treatment” facility, not a word about it.
    We dont need a centralised quango with massive salaries for the execs.
    No actually, we dont need a quango at all.
    We should not need to hand over personal details, if its a state agency and they have their facts straight, they should already know whos who.
    Ok, i’ve run out of steam for now, dont let that happen to you, you crazy cats ;)

    1. Steve

      Investment, or lack of it, in the water system has/is a big problem. The LAs largely did the best with what they could. Nevertheless, what they have delivered in the last couple of decades:

      Long term Boil water notices in Roscommon
      Leakage rates of approx. 50% on the system
      A capacity margin in Dublin of 1%
      A wastewater compliance regime which has led us to the European court of Justice /possible hefty fines
      Treatment plants being built on county borders which could easily serve multiple counties, but only serve the county that spent the money
      Lots and lots of staff.

  10. Rob C

    A couple of thoughts:
    1. I agree cleaning and treating water costs money and has to be paid for but where is the money gone that used to pay to clean our water/fix our leaks and treat our waste. Most likely gone to pay off bank debt. Lets be honest about it.
    2. I really don’t think people waste water in general. Even when I was a kid I never left the tap on longer than I should although I did leave the lights on a lot of the time :)
    3. IMHO Government should give incentives and advice to people to help them clean and dispose of their own water themselves. Obviously this isn’t practical everywhere but it would save millions if people could do this. There are some great systems out there and the Irish weather is ideal to harvest your own rain water.

  11. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Revenue won’t touch this

    And anything Edna announces next week will determined on what is best for Fine Gael.

    In the next few weeks Government Backbenchers will be flooding back to their hometowns for the Christmas shut down. … Watch the independents boost their numbers.

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