Putting It Out To Tinder


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From Dublin digital design team EightyTwenty.

Cathal Gillen writes:

This is a campaign we (eightytwenty) created for the Immigration Council of Ireland. It’s one of the first campaigns globally of this nature on Tinder, and raises awareness about the crimes behind sex trafficking and prostitution using Tinder profiles to tell a story about victims of trafficking. There are a large number of these profiles live on Tinder at the moment and feedback from guys viewing has been great…

Immigration Council of Ireland

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21 thoughts on “Putting It Out To Tinder

    1. uuuuuuuum


      too many dodgy prostitution profiles on there as it is

      though I found WAY more when in other cities

    2. epson aculaser c100

      ? sure if everyone on tinder isn’t whorn’ themselves out in the first instance, otherwise why did i spend hours deciding on my profile selfie were you can just about see my omega seamaster

        1. uuuuuuuum

          well I assumed they were run by bots
          but they all direct towards escort sites so it serves to have them on Tinder

  1. munkifisht

    Oh brilliant. Yet another “oh look, I matched with a good looking girl, oh no, it’s just a f**kin bot. Literally f**k right off”.

  2. Mikeyfex

    Huh. Only yesterday I noticed that two people had the same profile picture on the panel on this site that shows its Facebook followers. And that picture has now appeared here in this article, the third girl down.

    …when I started writing this I thought that answered some question but I’m not sure what the question or the answer is really.

    1. Caroline

      Oh yeah. And if you look at their Facebook profile they’re friends with other profiles that use the pics above.

      I friended one, she messaged me right back asking “Are you Sarah Connor?”


  3. Francesco

    This from the nuns who ran the Magdalene Laundries. Now turning a buck or 450,000 from a handful of possibly trafficked women every year. Seriously surprised at Bodger putting this up without context.

    Immigrant Council of Ireland misleading adverts:

    Sister Stan of the Immigrant Council of Ireland:

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