28 thoughts on “You’re Welcome

  1. Am I Still on this Island?

    Well, Dublin council have been removing a lot of the bins ever since the bin charges were introduced. That’s privatization for you.

    1. Shifty

      Actually, all of the bins on that section of Marlborough street were removed by the contractors carrying out the LUAS cross city development works, assuming it’s at the top outside the Eircom building. They weren’t put back in, AFAIK.

        1. Eliot Rosewater

          Take a dump into a container of some sort and then place wherever you place it at your leisure. Guys working the horses on Stephens green would do this if you crossed them.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            I was thinking they had shat in their hands and carried it around until they found somewhere but only cause I worked in a terrible pub at the time

          2. Eliot Rosewater

            That’s what I thought too, but it was far too neat, just sitting there on the floor. There would surely be some spillage?

  2. mr lava lava

    …expect the ‘we don’t normally do this’ post about a missing half cup of coffee in the next hour….

  3. Italia'90

    I was about to throw my cup of tea into a bin earlier so I could free my hands to tie my boot lace which had just come undone when l noticed a goofy lookin yungwan locking her bike a few yards away and l asked her if she would mind holding my tea for a moment while I tied my lace? That was the last I saw of either of them.
    If any of your readers can help me out…

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